at evil mother-in-law recently.

Guo Xiang was a little worried and asked Su Meng, “Do you need Master to accompany you?”

Hong Si, who was at the side, also advised Su Meng, “From the way she talks, I’m afraid something bad will happen.
Why don’t you let Boss accompany you?”

Su Meng refused.
“There’s really no need.
Brother Hong, please help take care of my master.
I’ll be back very soon.”



At the Wei family’s old residence.

Li Lian was originally playing mahjong, but Wei Xue suddenly ran in from outside in a panic halfway through the game.
Then, she quietly called her away and showed her the post about Su Meng’s cheating that had been crazily forwarded.

She was so angry that smoke was coming out of her seven orifices.
Her face was livid, and she ignored the urging of her mahjong friends.
She turned around and left to give Su Meng a call.
Then, she asked Wei Xue to find someone to find a way to spend money to remove the trending search.

Su Meng’s post was pushed to the top three searches.
It must be known that rich ladies like her usually had the most free time.
Other than playing mahjong, they would gossip with each other.
Now, they were busy playing.
Once they went back and saw this news, they would laugh at her to death.
Originally, everyone had been comparing each other in the open and in the dark.

When Su Meng arrived, Li Lian was sitting on the sofa, waiting for her with a livid face, while Wei Xue stood obediently at the side.

“Su Meng, you’re really bold.
You dare to fool around with other men and even went to a hotel to get a room!” Seeing that Su Meng had arrived, Li Lian went up and slapped Su Meng.
She really did not save any strength, and Su Meng’s face instantly became red and swollen.


When Wei Xue saw that Su Meng was being beaten, she hurriedly pretended to stop Li Lian, but her hands did not use any strength at all.
She only held on to her.
However, her mouth was eager to persuade her.
“Mom, if Sister-in-law did something wrong, just scold her.
Don’t hit her.
If Brother sees you hitting Sister-in-law, he will be angry.”


“He will be angry?” Li Lian didn’t look like a noblewoman at the moment.
She pointed at Su Meng and cursed, “Would your brother like such a b*tch? If he knew, he would definitely hit her too!” Then, she raised her hand towards Su Meng’s face, wanting to hit her again.

Unexpectedly, she didn’t get what she wanted this time.
Just as she raised her hand, it was grabbed by Su Meng.
Su Meng covered her face with one hand and grabbed Li Lian’s arm with the other.
She said in a deep voice, “Don’t go too far.
Don’t think that I will let you do whatever you want just because you are an elder.”

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