After everything was over, she called the manager and instructed him, “Find a convex mirror and hang it outside the clubhouse.
Remember that it must be a convex mirror.
The convex mirror can gently disperse the evil energy that is shot in.
If it is a flat mirror, the baleful energy that is refracted is too direct.
That road will become a high-incidence place for accidents.”

The manager agreed and repeated it again.
After confirming that there were no problems, she left the clubhouse and walked toward her master’s hotel.

She decided to go home with her master first.
Since Wei Ting had never mentioned the divorce, she would find a lawyer to write the agreement herself and send it to Wei Ting.

Her master and Hong Si were waiting for her at the hotel.
Seeing her return, her master was so happy that the corners of his mouth formed a crescent.

When they left the hotel, Guo Xiang went to the front desk to check out the deposit.
Su Meng and Hong Si walked out of the hotel first.

However, at this time, two young and beautiful girls walked over.
One of them was holding a small camera, and the other was Wei Xue.

“Xiao Xue, your brother is really handsome and gentle.
You must be very happy to have such a brother.
Look, he gave such an expensive coat to you just because asked for it.
Tell me, if your brother is so good, how perfect would your sister-in-law be?” The young girl holding the camera held Wei Xue’s hand with a face full of envy.
It must be known that most of the girls in the Imperial Capital wanted to marry Wei Ting, and she was no exception.


Wei Xue knew what she was thinking.
She was not the only one.
All the rich and beautiful girls around her wanted to marry in and become her sister-in-law, so they all came to curry favor with her.

“My sister-in-law loves my brother very much.
If she sees that there is someone of the opposite s*x around him, she will not be able to accept it.
In order to get all of my brother’s love, she will do anything.
This kind of love is really good!” Wei Xue pretended to worship her.
In reality, she was trampling on Su Meng.

The little girl was surprised.
“Your sister-in-law is quite extreme!”

Wei Xue, who was walking, suddenly stopped.
She stared at a certain place and said softly, “Isn’t that my sister-in-law?”

“What! Where is it? Quick, point it out for me to see!” The little girl suddenly became interested.
She had long wanted to see how outstanding a woman who could marry into the Wei family would be.
Moreover, the young madam of the Wei family had always been very mysterious.
If she took a photo of her, it would cause a huge sensation.


Wei Xue’s eyes rolled around, and a plan suddenly appeared in her mind.
She pointed at Su Meng and whispered in disbelief, “Jia Jia, why is my sister-in-law going to the hotel with a strange man! What are they doing?”

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