suddenly saw Wei Ting sitting in the coffee shop on the opposite side.

Wei Xue had also come and was sitting beside Wei Ting.
The two of them were talking to Fu Ze.

Su Meng raised her eyes and glanced at the two of them.
She saw that Wei Ting was only wearing a white shirt with sleeves rolled up.
He was wearing a pair of high-cut trousers.
His originally slender and tall figure was further accentuated by a sense of abstinence.

At this moment, his suit jacket was draped over Wei Xue.
Wei Xue was proudly leaning against Wei Ting.
When she noticed Su Meng’s gaze, her body leaned closer to Wei Ting as if she was provoking Su Meng.
However, her face revealed a gentle and obedient smile to Su Meng.


If this was in the past, she would only think that the relationship between brother and sister was good.

But now…

Su Meng quickly looked away.
It was an insult for her to look at this pair of b*stards.


The few men in Taoist robes also followed Su Meng out.
They had been watching how Su Meng did it.
In the end, they all changed their opinions of Su Meng.
Their faces were full of admiration.


One of the men in his forties cupped his fists and bowed to Su Meng.
“Thank you for allowing us to watch.
We already know what to do after this.
We have really benefited a lot today.
If you don’t mind, how about we exchange business cards? We’re all in the same circle, so we can contact each other in the future.”

Su Meng didn’t really care.
As the saying goes, more friends have more paths.
She gladly exchanged contact info with that man.
When the others saw this, they also exchanged details with her.


Wei Xue, who was sitting next to Wei Ting, said, “Brother Wei Ting, Sister-in-law is really popular.
In just a short while, she added so many people.”

Hearing Wei Xue’s words, Wei Ting looked outside and saw a few people in Taoist robes surrounding Su Meng.
They were very close to each other, as if they were exchanging contact information.
He frowned and thought of the matter of her playing dice last time.
Could it be that Su Meng was taking in disciples again?


After exchanging business cards with each other, Su Meng stretched her back and planned to go out for a walk.
Then, when she came back, she would directly solve it.

“You must be Su Meng.”

However, before she had walked far, a clear voice sounded from behind her.
Su Meng turned around and saw a man.
He was not even thirty years old.
He was very tall and looked ordinary, but he gave off a gentle and refined feeling.

Su Meng felt that this person looked familiar, but she did not remember where she had seen him before.
She asked curiously, “You are?”


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