look for Wei Ting just now, he saw Su Meng helping Butler Zhou with the feng shui problem.
When he saw Su Meng calmly explaining to Butler Zhou, he suddenly realized that Su Meng seemed to be quite different from his impression.

So, he asked Su Meng with the mentality of giving it a try.
He did not expect that Su Meng had already known about it, but she did not tell him!

Su Meng sneered and asked back, “Why should I tell you? Do I have anything to do with you? Did you give me the shares?”


Fu Ze was suddenly at a loss for words.
Su Meng’s words were rough, but they were not wrong at all.
There was indeed no problem between them.
However, he was still a little unwilling.
He tried to fight for himself hesitantly.
“But Wei Ting and I are good brothers.
As his wife, it is not wrong for you to remind me.”

Su Meng couldn’t be bothered with him.
She wanted to leave, but Fu Ze stopped her.
Fu Ze said in embarrassment, “About that… is there any way to fix my club?”

“Of course, and it’s very simple.”

Fu Ze was happy, but before the corners of his mouth had time to curl up, Su Meng said word by word, “I originally planned to tell you when you gave me the shares, and then help you solve it for free.
But the situation is different now.
This is you looking for me for help now.
Respect the bet, and then give me a fee of 108,000 yuan for consultation.
Only then will I tell you.”

Fu Ze “…Su Meng, did Wei Ting mistreat you? You’re so greedy for money.”

“It has nothing to do with him.
I can only do this to people who don’t keep their word.
Otherwise, who knows if I’ll still be able to get the money after I’m done with work?”


She actually said that he didn’t keep his word.
Wasn’t it just 108,000 yuan? It wasn’t even enough for him to go out and play once.
Then, he turned his head to look at Wei Ting and said angrily, “She actually looked down on me and said that I didn’t keep my word!”

Wei Ting nodded and opened his thin lips.
“Indeed, you didn’t keep your word.
You haven’t given her the shares yet.”

Fu Ze: “…”

“As expected of a couple.
Just stay together.
Don’t separate and harm others!”


Then, he turned on his phone and showed the photo of the share transfer contract to Su Meng.
He gnashed his teeth and said, “Look at the contract here.
Come with me to the club to get it.
Also, I’ll pay when we get to the club, okay?”

Su Meng nodded with satisfaction.
She took the initiative to turn around and get into Wei Ting’s car.
She waved at Fu Ze and said, “Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and go!”

Fu Ze looked at Su Meng angrily, thinking that there was no need for her to show off.
If she couldn’t solve it, then he would take back his shares and ask her to compensate him tenfold!

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