Aren’t you going to talk to your sister for a while?”

Wei Ting was puzzled.
“Talk about what? I’ve said everything I needed to say.”


Su Meng smiled and didn’t say anything else.
She pushed Wei Ting away while he was putting away his phone.
Then, she quickly opened her car door and rushed out.
Because she was too anxious, she stood up before she got out of the car.
In the end, she hit the top of the car door with a bang.

This hit was too fierce.
Her mind went blank for a moment.
And just as she hit her head, a sharp pain came from Wei Ting’s head.

He looked at Su Meng in shock.
Some things gradually came to his mind.
He thought that his body would always have some inexplicable pain.
Just now when Su Meng hit her head, his head also immediately began to hurt.

At that moment, he reacted quickly and grabbed Su Meng’s hand, pulling her back.

“Wei Ting, what are you doing! Let go of me!” Su Meng struggled, but Wei Ting completely ignored her.

After pulling Su Meng back, Wei Ting flicked her forehead.
Sure enough, a wave of pain also came from his forehead.
Wei Ting was stunned.
He could actually share Su Meng’s pain!

Su Meng, who had her forehead flicked by Wei Ting, held her aching forehead.
Just as she was about to fly into a rage, she saw a scene that made her even more confused.

Wei Ting pinched his own arm hard.
He was quite ruthless, and his arm turned red after he pinched it.

After he was done, he asked Su Meng, “Does your arm hurt?”

Su Meng replied, “No, it doesn’t hurt.”


She looked at Wei Ting as if he was a fool.
Then, she thought to herself, ‘This is bad.
Could it be that I provoked him just now, so he wants to hurt himself? And he wants to scare me?’

“Are you okay?” Su Meng asked tentatively.

Yes, Wei Ting felt that he had encountered something big… so big that it was beyond his understanding.
Through the test just now, he was sure that he could share Su Meng’s pain, but Su Meng could not feel his pain.
For a moment, he felt that either he was crazy or the world was crazy.
There was actually such a mysterious thing.

Su Meng saw that Wei Ting didn’t have any reaction and slipped away when he wasn’t paying attention.
She was afraid that Wei Ting would react and do something crazy again.

However, after taking a few steps, she suddenly saw Fu Ze squatting by the side and looking at his phone.
Fu Ze also saw her and immediately stopped her.
Then, he strode over.

“Are you guys done being intimate? Wei Ting didn’t last long.
How long has it been before he let you go?” Fu Ze teased.

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