253 Should Go Back and Get a Divorce

She had always been like this.
Wei Ting didn’t care, but Wei Xue couldn’t take it anymore.
She questioned, “What’s going on, Sister Su Meng? Why does it sound like you want something to happen to us? Brother Wei Ting is so good to you, you should care more about him.”

Su Meng glanced at her and said faintly, “It doesn’t seem like it, but that’s what I think.”

Wei Xue: “…” She didn’t expect Su Meng to be so direct.
She suddenly didn’t know how to respond.

Wei Ting didn’t take it to heart.
He only said to Su Meng indifferently, “I’m fine.
Get ready to go home.”

Hearing that they were going home, Wei Xue’s heart suddenly became nervous.
She hadn’t finished her mission yet.
What if Su Meng also went?

She wanted to continue to stop Su Meng, but she had already missed the best opportunity.
Now, there was no chance at all.
At this moment, Wei Xue’s heart was very depressed.
Before she left home, she had promised her mother that she would stop Su Meng from going back.
But now, she didn’t do it.

Before she came to the hospital, she thought that Su Meng had suffered quite a lot in the Wei family.
A while ago, she had sent her mother to prison.
She and the Wei family had already fallen out with each other, so she definitely wouldn’t want to go back.
All she had to do was come over and put on an act.
When the time came, she could still go to Mother Wei to claim credit.

However, the actual situation was completely different from what she had thought.
She could not stop Su Meng at all.

Thinking of this, Wei Xue’s heart was very unhappy, so she looked at Su Meng even more unhappily.
Unfortunately, because Wei Ting was here, she did not dare to be too obvious.
She could only glare at Su Meng in secret.

Su Meng couldn’t be bothered with Wei Xue.
How these two people’s bodies were had nothing to do with her, and she wasn’t in the mood to ask Wei Ting why he was suffering.
In her heart, there was no relationship between them apart from being enemies.
The reason why she agreed to go to the Wei family with Wei Ting was purely because of that cooperation.

Since Wei Ting was fine, then the agreement between the two of them was still in effect.
Su Meng packed up briefly and then prepared to go to the Wei family with Wei Ting.

The driver was already waiting at the entrance of the hospital.
Su Meng, Wei Ting, and Wei Xue, walked out.

The three of them had just walked downstairs when Su Meng saw an acquaintance — Lu Bai.

Lu Bai was dressed in a white casual suit and walked quickly toward Su Meng.
His slightly long hair was hanging down casually.
The sunlight shone on his body with a faint golden halo.
His entire person looked simple, clean, and very comfortable.
Those who did not know his identity would immediately think that he was just an ordinary and handsome college student.

In fact, Su Meng did not notice him at first glance.
Firstly, because the two of them were far away, and he was carrying the sun behind him, Su Meng could not see his face clearly.
Secondly, it was because his image was a little different from before.
Su Meng had never seen him so casual and simple.

On the other hand, Lu Bai saw Su Meng immediately.
He walked over with a smile on his face and said gently, “Miss Su, it seems that you have recovered quite well.
You can even walk around now.

Su Meng replied with a smile, “Thank you.
Actually, my injuries were not very serious, so I recovered quickly.”

Lu Bai nodded after hearing that.
After a few seconds, he continued, “I was busy with a mission a while ago, so I didn’t come to see you.
I’m finally free today.
Why does it seem like Miss Su is going out?” Lu Bai had completely ignored Wei Ting and Wei Xue.
He only cared about talking to Su Meng and completely ignored these two people.

Wei Ting’s complexion wasn’t very good.
It wasn’t known whether it was because he wasn’t feeling well or because of Lu Bai, but he looked at Lu Bai and Su Meng with a dark expression as he spoke.

Su Meng smiled and answered Lu Bai, “I have to go to the Wei family with Wei Ting, so I can only apologize today.
I can’t entertain you anymore.”

Lu Bai glanced at Wei Ting, then looked at Su Meng and asked, “Why? Are you going back to go through the divorce procedures?”

Hearing his words, Wei Ting’s face instantly became even uglier.
He had just gotten rid of Zhou Peng, and now there was Lu Bai.
Both of them were looking forward to his divorce with Su Meng.

With a cold face, Wei Ting slowly said, “Go back and see my parents.”

After saying that, he turned to Su Meng and asked, “It’s time to go.
Otherwise, we’ll be late.” His tone was not very good, and anyone could tell that he was in a bad mood at the moment.

Lu Bai was not afraid of death and asked again, “See your parents and then go for a divorce together?”

Su Meng: “…” How much did Lu Bai want her to get a divorce? Every time he opened his mouth and shut his mouth, it was a divorce.
She used to think that Lu Bai was a mature and steady person, but now it seemed that sometimes he was also quite irritating, or deliberately irritating.

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