250 Only Wei Xue

Wei Xue said from the side, “Sister Su Meng, I think you and this gentleman have a good relationship.
Your relationship must not be ordinary.
You can even fight each other to the death.
This relationship is really enviable.” Her words had a hidden meaning.

Shen Jian replied, “It’s not ordinary.
We are inseparable from each other every day.
Why? Are you jealous that I have a good relationship with Boss? Oh, I know.
Actually, you have a crush on me, right? But give up.
You are not worthy of me.
I like people who are truly gentle and kind, not people who are petty and different from what they appear to be.”

Weren’t these words meant to scold Wei Xue from the side?

“You!” Wei Xue was suddenly scolded by Shen Jian.
She was angry and wanted to retort.
However, as Wei Ting was here, she swallowed the rest of her words.

Although she, Wei Xue, was not loved by everyone, those who liked her could line up from here to foreign countries.
Moreover, those who pursued her were all young masters from rich families.
She would not even give them a look.

What was Shen Jian? He actually said that she was not worthy of him! As expected, the people who were with Su Meng were very annoying.
They did not even have any EQ.

Shen Jian looked at Wei Xue and Wei Ting.
He said to Su Meng, “Boss, when you go to the Wei family, if anyone bullies you, tell me.
I will go over and help you hold up the fort.
Since I’m already injured to this extent, no one will dare to touch me.
Whoever touches me, I’ll pester them.”

This time, it was rare for Su Meng not to scold Shen Jian.
Instead, she smiled and agreed.
“Okay, don’t worry.”

This was the first time she did not scold Shen Jian.
Shen Jian was still not used to it.
He asked in surprise, “Boss, are you okay? Are you possessed? Why are you suddenly so gentle? Don’t scare me!”

Su Meng: “…”

It was rare for her to treat Shen Jian better.
Was this guy so afraid when others treated him well?

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After Shen Jian finished speaking, he turned to look at Wei Ting.
“Ex-husband, did you use the marriage charm that I gave you last time?”

“What marriage charm?” Su Meng and Wei Xue asked in unison.
However, Su Meng’s tone was doubtful, while Wei Xue’s tone sounded very anxious.

Shen Jian turned around and rolled his eyes at Wei Xue.
“What does it have to do with you? Why? Do you still want to care about your brother’s marriage?”

Shen Jian’s words were laced with sarcasm.
Wei Xue did not understand why he would have such a big opinion of her.
She did not seem to have any interactions with him, right?

Wei Xue looked at Shen Jian with an aggrieved expression and asked, “Mr.
Shen, did I offend you in any way? Why do I feel like you have a problem with me? If I did something wrong, tell me so that I can change.”

Hearing Wei Xue’s aggrieved tone, Su Meng felt her hair stand on end.
It was really too disgusting.

Fortunately, Shen Jian was usually stupid, but he had the ability to distinguish between what was on the outside and what was on the inside at critical moments.
He said unhappily, “You’re not what you appear to be! Didn’t you say that you can change? I hate it when you breathe.
You can change.”

Shen Jian had never been like this to other girls.
He had always been very gentlemanly, but at this moment, he was facing Wei Xue.
Back then, Su Meng had told him that he hated people who were close to Wei Xue the most.
Since Su Meng hated them… Then he also hated them.

Su Meng was his benefactor.
Without Su Meng, he did not know where he would continue to wander at this moment.

Su Meng and Grandfather were the only two people who were not afraid of being countered by him.
It was not easy for him to finally have a family.
He would not allow anyone to bully Su Meng and Grandfather.
Therefore, he hated whoever Su Meng hated!

Wei Xue did not expect Shen Jian to be so direct.
For a moment, she did not know how to respond.
She could only look at him with tears in her eyes.
She looked extremely aggrieved.

Su Meng could not be bothered to continue looking at Wei Xue’s appearance.
She directly took Shen Jian away.

Now that she wanted to follow Wei Ting to the Wei family, apart from investigating the car accident, she actually missed Grandfather Wei too.

Su Meng sent Shen Jian back to the ward and returned very quickly.
However, when she arrived at the ward, she discovered that something was wrong with Wei Ting.

At this moment, his face was pale and his forehead was covered in sweat.
He looked like he was in great pain.
Wei Xue had been asking questions at the side.
She only knew how to talk, but she did not know how to find a doctor.

“What’s wrong with you?” Su Meng asked.

She wasn’t worried about Wei Ting, but it was strange to see him like this.
He was fine before he went out, but now he looked like he was sick.

Since you’re well, let’s go.” Wei Ting didn’t look good, but he didn’t care at all.
He got up and was about to leave.

Su Meng glanced at Wei Xue coldly and asked, “Why don’t you call a doctor? This is a hospital.
If he’s not feeling well, just call a doctor.”


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