241 Came Again

Wei Ting was not surprised by Zhou Peng’s sudden appearance.
He just glanced at him indifferently and then lowered his head to continue his work.

“I heard your conversation with Xiao Meng.
Oh, right, I didn’t mean to listen.
The door wasn’t closed.
I saw that you were talking happily, so I didn’t disturb you,” said Zhou Peng, leaning against the door frame.

He didn’t feel embarrassed at all for eavesdropping on others’ conversation.
He even took the initiative to say it.

“Yes.” After hearing it, Wei Ting didn’t even lift his eyelids and answered casually.

Zhou Peng raised his eyebrows.
“You’re not surprised?” According to Wei Ting’s personality, shouldn’t he be especially angry at this moment and come over to beat him up? Why was his reaction so indifferent?

Wei Ting was looking at the proposal submitted by his subordinates.
He marked out the problem and then sent it back to his subordinates.
After doing all this, he closed his computer and looked up at Zhou Peng.

“It’s not strange for someone who can stare at other people’s wives all day to eavesdrop,” Wei Ting said indifferently.

“I thought President Wei only knew how to solve problems with force, but he’s actually so good at talking.” Although he was scolded, Zhou Peng was not angry.
Instead, he smiled.

Wei Ting didn’t want to pay too much attention to Zhou Peng and asked coldly, “What’s the matter?”

It’s just that Xiao Meng is a member of our Zhou family, so I came to see if she encountered any danger.
After all, some people already have nothing to do with her, but they still pester her every day.” Zhou Peng shrugged.

Hearing that Su Meng was a member of the Zhou family, Wei Ting frowned almost imperceptibly.
He repeated, “A member of the Zhou family?”

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Zhou Peng smiled and said, “What? Don’t tell me that the Almighty Wei doesn’t even know about this?”

He smiled and looked at Wei Ting’s reaction.
“Oh, that’s right.
That day, your sister was exposed because of the erotic video, so you took her away early.
You didn’t see the scene of Xiao Meng signing a contract with our Zhou family.
From that day on, she was a member of our Zhou family.
So, there’s no problem for me to come and see my own people, right?”

Wei Ting knew about the signing of the contract between Su Meng and the Zhou family.
Because this year’s Feng Shui Master Competition was held by the Zhou family, it was normal for the Zhou family to sign the final victor.
However, at most, the two sides would only be in a cooperative relationship, mutually beneficial.

When the next Feng Shui Master Competition was held, it would be held by the Wei family.
At that time, the final victor would also be signed by the Wei family.
This was the default rule in the industry.

Therefore, Wei Ting was not angered by Zhou Peng’s words.
He was just unhappy that he called Su Meng one of his people.

Wei Ting’s eyes narrowed dangerously.
He said coldly, “Su Meng is my, Wei Ting’s wife.
She is a member of the Wei family.
Unless you want to go against the Wei family.”

“No, no, no.” Zhou Peng shook his head and denied Wei Ting’s words.
He was not threatened in the slightest.

He looked at Wei Ting.
With a smile on his lips, he said, “The two elders of the Wei family are trying their best to distance themselves from Su Meng.
If you don’t believe me, let’s make a bet.
In less than a week, you and Xiao Meng will be forced to divorce.
At that time, she will no longer be a member of the Wei family.”

“Right now, there is only a legal relationship between the two of you.
There is only a layer of legal relationship.
Other than that, there is nothing else.
It can even be said that there will be no legal relationship between the two of you.
You have to thank your good parents for chasing away such a good girl for you.”

“The day your divorce is successful will be the day I pursue Su Meng.
At that time, you won’t have any reason to stop me.”

Zhou Peng’s words were sarcastic.
He could always pick the most important place to anger Wei Ting.
He was deliberately provoking Wei Ting.
Not only did Wei Ting not fall for his trick, but he even leaned leisurely on the sofa.
“The premise is that you have the life to pursue her.”

Zhou Peng smiled and said, “There’s no need for President Wei to worry about that.”

Su Meng was sleeping soundly at the side.
She had no idea that these two men whom she did not want to talk to the most were in a tense confrontation for her.
However, although she did not see it, Wei Xue saw it.

Wei Xue came over to visit Su Meng with a bouquet of flowers.
From afar, she saw Zhou Peng standing at the door and talking to the people in the room.

Zhou Peng also saw her.
Wei Xue smiled and greeted him.
She did not expect Zhou Peng to be so disrespectful.
After giving her a cold glance, he directly turned his head.

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