228 Chased Him Away

“Sister Su Meng, the man who was with you was really nice to you.
I heard that he protected you in his arms when you were in trouble, so your injuries weren’t that serious.
But it’s hard to say about him.
He’s still in the Intensive Care Unit.” Wei Xue had already asked about the situation before she came.

She knew that Su Meng had always been close to that man.
The two of them even lived in the antique shop.
It was impossible for Wei Ting not to mind.
However, according to Wei Ting’s character, he would definitely not say it out loud.
So, she would come and help him.

Initially, she did not intend to say it.
She only wanted to secretly tell Mother Wei about Su Meng and that man.
In any case, Father Wei and Mother Wei had already decided to handle the divorce procedures for Wei Ting.
As long as she added a little more fuel to the fire, Mother Wei would completely mind Su Meng.
Then, there would be no room for change in the divorce.

At that time, Su Meng had agreed so readily to divorce Wei Ting.
She did not expect that she actually did not want to divorce now and was even so close to Wei Ting.
In order to prevent any unexpected changes in the divorce, she had to do something.

“Miss Wei, please pay attention to what you are saying! Alright, Mr.
Wei, Girl Meng needs to rest.
You guys should leave first.” Guo Xiang saw that Wei Xue had used the matter of Shen Jian to provoke Su Meng.
He did not even bother to be polite and directly began to chase them away.

Wei Ting looked at Wei Xue and said coldly with a frown, “You’re talking too much.
Go home immediately.”

Wei Xue quickly lowered her head and apologized, “I’m sorry.
It’s all my fault for saying the wrong thing.
I was also worried about Sister Su Meng, so I said that.
I didn’t think too much.
Sister Su Meng, please don’t be angry.
I’d rather you scold me.
Don’t be angry at yourself.”

Su Meng smiled and said, “It’s okay.
You’ve always been like this.
Haven’t I forgiven you every time? I don’t mind doing it again.”

Wei Xue: “…”

Su Meng was calling her stupid.
At the same time, it also showed how magnanimous she was.
The key was that she didn’t know how to refute it.

Guo Xiang disliked Wei Xue from the first moment he saw her.
He felt that Wei Xue was very gloomy.
He always felt that staying with her for a long time would bring bad luck.
This kind of feeling was his instinctive reaction as a feng shui master.
It wasn’t because of personal grudges.

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He was afraid that Su Meng would be tainted by bad luck, so he once again opened his mouth to chase her away.
“Alright, Girl Meng is tired after waking up for so long.
She needs to rest.
You guys should leave quickly.”

Wei Ting nodded and politely said goodbye to Guo Xiang.
He took one last deep look at Su Meng before leaving.

The purpose of Wei Xue’s visit was not to visit Su Meng, but to follow Wei Ting.
Now that Wei Ting had left, she immediately followed him.
The moment she walked out of the ward door, she stopped in her tracks.
She gave Su Meng a meaningful glance, but did not say anything.
After giving her this glacne, she immediately left.

Once Wei Ting and Wei Xue left, the ward became even quieter.

“Cough, cough…” Su Meng held it in for a long time.
After the Wei Ting siblings walked out of the ward, she finally could not help but cough.

At this moment, it was as if her throat had been burned by fire.
If she coughed again, her throat would hurt so much that it felt like it was about to tear.

When Guo Xiang saw that Su Meng could not stop coughing, he quickly called for the doctor.
The doctor motioned for Su Meng to open her mouth.
He held a small transparent glass bottle and sprayed at Su Meng’s throat twice.

She did not know what kind of medicine this was.
It was ice-cold.
As soon as it was sprayed at her throat, the burning sensation slowly disappeared.

“Miss Su, your throat is damaged because of the medicine.
Of course, you don’t have to worry because it was discovered in time.
As long as you speak less and take the medicine on time, your throat will recover very quickly.”

After the doctor finished spraying the medicine, he put away the bottle and checked Su Meng’s body.
After confirming that there was no problem, he left.

Because of Wei Ting, Su Meng stayed in the VIP ward.
She was the only patient.
Therefore, once the doctor left, only Guo Xiang and her were left in the room.

Su Meng straightened her expression and asked, “Master, how long was I in a coma?”

Guo Xiang thought for a moment and said, “From the time I found out about your accident to the time you woke up for the first time, you were in a coma for three days.
From the first time until now, you have been in a coma for one day.”

These few days, he had been staying by Su Meng’s side to take care of her almost every night.
Other than taking care of Su Meng, he was also worried about Shen Jian.
Because Shen Jian had been in the Intensive Care Unit, he could not go in to take a look.

He did not know how Shen Jian was doing.
He did not dare to tell Su Meng because he was afraid that Su Meng would be anxious.
He did not expect Wei Xue to say it out loud today.
He knew that with Su Meng’s character, although she would not have any reaction on the surface, she would definitely mind this matter in her heart.

Sure enough, Su Meng continued to say, “So, Shen Jian sustained serious injuries in order to save me.
He has been in a coma and is still in critical condition?”

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