ood siblings.

Su Meng knew what she minded and deliberately brought up this matter in front of Wei Ting.
However, it was not good for Wei Xue to vent in front of Wei Ting.
She could only grit her teeth and force herself to reveal an obedient smile.

Wei Ting, however, didn’t know about the competition between the two.
He heard Su Meng say that she and he were family.
A trace of emotion appeared on his originally calm face.
Although it wasn’t obvious, it could be seen that he was in a good mood.

“You need to rest in peace now.
Leave the rest to me.
I will investigate this matter.” Wei Ting wanted to continue, but the phone suddenly rang.
He glanced at it, said something to Su Meng, then turned around and walked out of the ward.
He walked to a corner where no one was around before answering the call.

After Wei Ting left, the smile on Wei Xue’s face instantly disappeared.

She looked at Su Meng coldly and said in a strange tone, “Sister Su Meng, you have to recuperate well.
Don’t let your imagination run wild every day.
Otherwise, if you don’t recover by then, it’ll be terrible if you become disabled again.”

Guo Xiang, who was at the side, heard Wei Xue talking to Su Meng like this and frowned.
He wanted to open his mouth to drive her away, but was stopped by Su Meng with her eyes.

“It doesn’t matter if I become disabled.
Anyway, your brother has a deep affection for me.
He won’t abandon me.
When he’s by my side, I’ll have food and drink.
What’s there to be afraid of?” Su Meng said with a smile.

Wei Xue wanted to say something, but she opened her mouth but didn’t say anything.
In the end, she decided not to say anything.

“That’s good.
I’ll wait for you at home.
Of course, the premise is that you can go back.
If Mom finds out that you’ve become like this, I don’t know what she’ll think.
I’ll go back and persuade her to take care of your feelings.
Sister Su Meng, don’t worry.
I’m here.
I promise I won’t let Mom say anything.”

After the two talked for a while, Wei Ting finished his call and came in from outside.

“I have some things to take care of.
I need to leave first.
If you have anything, call me anytime.” Wei Ting raised his phone.

Su Meng smiled and said, “Okay, as long as you’re not afraid of trouble.”

Wei Xue gritted her teeth as she watched from the side.
She did not expect Su Meng to be like this and still pester Wei Ting.
Why was she not directly killed by him at that time? Also, didn’t the doctor say that she could not speak? She did not seem to be affected by it just now.
Although her voice was hoarse, it did not affect her speaking.

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