in the building, and only a few windows were lit.
The few windows that were lit were still far away, and they looked lonely.

This building was independent, and there were two residential areas nearby.
However, these two residential areas were only half-built.
At this moment, it was pitch black inside, and it looked eerie.

The most important thing was that from the moment they walked out of the building to the parking lot, they did not see a single person.
In the huge parking lot, only Su Meng’s car was there.

Shen Jian also noticed the environment here.
Looking at the empty surroundings, he shivered and said, “It’s said that Mr.
Wen will run into evil.
Living in a place where there isn’t even a living person, it would be abnormal not to run into evil.”

Su Meng sat in the car.
It was rare that she didn’t refute Shen Jian’s words.
She nodded in agreement and said, “Indeed.
This place used to be a mass grave.
It’s the place with the heaviest yin qi.
There aren’t many residents yet.
It won’t be long before something bad will happen here.”

Shen Jian said in surprise, “Boss, this place looks quite high-end.
It definitely won’t be cheap.
Those who can afford this kind of house are all relatively rich.
Would a builder go and scam such people?”

Su Meng nodded and said, “Builders like to scam such people.
However, it’s not a big problem.
Many schools are built on graveyards.
As long as there are more people, it will naturally be fine.”

The two of them talked as they drove back.
As the road here was spacious and there were no cars on the road, Su Meng drove faster.
At first, everything was normal.
However, when they reached the traffic lights, Su Meng realized that something had happened — the brakes had failed!

Fortunately, there was no car here, so Su Meng did not have to worry about the collision.
As long as she controlled the direction well, she would not have any safety problems in the short term.

She had to think of a way to stop the car.

Shen Jian saw that the front had already turned red, but Su Meng did not have any intention of stopping.
He thought that she was distracted and quickly reminded her, “Boss, the red light is a red light.
You have to stop the car!”

“The brakes have failed.
Do you have any way to stop the car?” Su Meng frowned.
Her gaze was fixed on the front and she did not dare to relax.

Contrary to Su Meng’s calmness, when Shen Jian heard that the brakes had failed… He exclaimed, “What? The brakes actually failed!? But our car is so fast.
It’s over.
It’s over.
Aren’t we going to have an accident soon? Boss, how can you still be so calm at a time like this!”

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