221 Female Corpse?

Seeing that Su Meng’s hand had already reached the door handle, Wen Le quickly agreed.
“Master! Master, don’t abandon me.
I’ll go.
I’ll pay for the travel expenses.
I’ll have to trouble you to make this trip!”

Wen Le rushed over to grab Su Meng’s hand.
Just as his hand reached out, he was frightened by Su Meng’s glance.

He lowered his head to look at his hand.
He had not showered for about half a month.
He had not even washed his hands.
They were so dirty that it was as if he had just picked up trash.

“Hehe, Master, I’m really sorry.
I’m the only one in the house.
I often see the female corpse, so other than going to the toilet, I usually don’t dare to go into the toilet.
I heard that the yin qi in the toilet is the strongest.
Those things love to move around there.”

When Wen Le mentioned the female corpse, he could not help but grin and shiver.
The hair on his body stood on end.

Su Meng saw that Wen Le had agreed to go over, so she put down her hand that was holding the door handle and turned around to ask him, “Did the female corpse do anything to you? I think you should tell me more details so that I can help you better.”

After being together with Su Meng for so long, Shen Jian had basically understood her very well.
Hearing her question, he immediately understood what Su Meng meant.
It seemed that Wen Le was hiding something.

Hence, Shen Jian interjected, “Mr.
Wen, we’re here to help you.
If you really want to solve this problem, you’d better give us a detailed explanation.
Otherwise, you’ll be the one who suffers in the end.”

Wen Le did not expect that Su Meng could even see through his concealment.
It seemed that she really had some ability.
He could not help but feel a little admiration in his heart.

Since Su Meng already knew and was hiding something, he was indeed the one who was in trouble in the end.
However, what he was hiding was a little… Hard to say.
He struggled for a while in his heart, and in the end, for his own safety, he decided to say it.

Before Wen Le could speak, his face turned red to the tips of his ears.

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He pinched the corner of his shirt.
He said shyly, “That… isn’t she a female corpse? She’s still wearing her wedding dress.
Perhaps because she was buried alive right after she got married, she’s a little lonely.
Although she has no flesh and only a pair of bones, she can still speak.
Moreover, her voice is very pleasant.”

At this point, Wen Le’s face turned even redder.
He paused for a moment.
He continued, “Actually, at first, I only saw her in my dreams, but she didn’t do anything to me.
On the contrary, she was very gentle to me.
At that time, I wasn’t afraid of her at all.
I even… had that kind of relationship with her.”

These words were already very explicit.
Although Shen Jian’s brain was short-circuited, he immediately understood the meaning.
He couldn’t help but praise, “Mr.
Wen, so you’re so daring to sleep with the female corpse.
Then why are you so afraid of her now? Could it be that because you let her down, the female corpse is taking revenge?”

Wen Le: “…”

Why did it sound like he was a heartless man? But the other party was clearly not human.

Wen Le’s expression was a little awkward, so he did not continue.
This was a very private matter.
He did not want to say it in the first place.
It was too embarrassing.
Now that Shen Jian was making fun of him, he felt even more ashamed and immediately shut up.

Su Meng glared at Shen Jian, motioning him to shut up.
Then, she said to Wen Le with a calm expression, “Mr.
Wen, actually, you don’t have to feel embarrassed.
This kind of thing is very normal.
You’re not the first person to encounter this kind of thing.
When people sleep, their yang qi is the weakest.
At this time, it’s very easy to be affected by the magnetic field of those things.”

“Although you did do this kind of thing, it doesn’t mean that it’s something you want to do.
After all, in a dream, you can’t control what you do.”

Su Meng spoke in a serious manner.
Wen Le felt a little better when he saw that she did not seem to be lying.

He asked, “Master, has this happened to so many people?”

“That’s right, so you don’t have to feel embarrassed.
Our confidentiality is very good.
We won’t tell anyone about our clients’ problems.
You can rest assured about that.”

After Su Meng comforted him, Wen Le finally didn’t feel awkward anymore.
Instead, he generously told her all the details.

“In the beginning, it was just a simple dream about her.
Other than the things she did in the dream, there was nothing unusual in my life.
It wasn’t until four or five days after she came back that things started to feel wrong.”

“My body was getting worse and worse.
In the end, I could see her at any time without even falling asleep.
The feng shui masters in front of me told me that this is a demonic aura entering my body.
I need to apply the incense ash on my body and not bathe.
As time passes, she will leave after she cannot sense my aura.
Oh right, there is also a feng shui master who has built an array for me.”

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