Shen Jian, who was directing at the door, saw that Su Meng had come down.
He quickly threw the loudspeaker aside and ran over.
“Boss, you’re up so early.
It’s still far from the agreed time.
Why don’t you continue sleeping?”

“With this sound, do you think I can continue sleeping?” Su Meng rolled her eyes and ridiculed.

“Oh, that’s right.
The sound is indeed a little loud.
However, it’s also good to wake up early.
The morning air is the freshest and helps to ease the mood.” Shen Jian patted his head and spoke.

“Do I look like I’m in a good mood now?” Su Meng took a deep breath and comforted herself in her heart.
It was not worth it to be angry with someone as stupid as Shen Jian.

After heaving a sigh of relief, Su Meng asked him, “What’s going on? Was the store robbed? Where’s Master? Why isn’t he here?”

Hearing Su Meng ask him, Shen Jian’s face suddenly became strange.
He was half crying and half laughing.
Su Meng could not tell what exactly he was feeling at the moment.

Shen Jian did not speak for a long time.
Just as Su Meng was getting impatient, Shen Jian finally spoke.

Shen Jian pointed at the door and asked, “Boss, do you see this big hole? What do you think happened?”

Su Meng did not say anything.
She just looked at him quietly.
Shen Jian did not really want to get an answer from Su Meng.
He continued, “It’s really too awesome.
This is the first time I’ve seen someone driving around Antique Street.
This guy must have drunk too much.
He actually ran straight into our shop.”

Shen Jian took a deep breath.
“At that time, Grandpa and I were cooking in the kitchen, so the car didn’t crash into us.
If we were here, you probably wouldn’t have seen us now.”

Su Meng glanced around and frowned.
How fast was the car going to crash into the shop to this extent? Fortunately, Master and Shen Jian were fine.

“Where’s Master?” Su Meng asked.

“The shop was damaged and many antiques were damaged.
Grandpa and the driver went to check the damage.
After all, the driver is fully responsible.
He has to bear all the responsibility.”

After Shen Jian said that, he pointed to a few places in the house and said to the workers, “The shelves have been deformed.
We can’t use them anymore.
Go buy some new shelves and install them here.”

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