anding here in such a spirited manner? She would not even think about it with her feet.
However, regarding Shen Jian’s concern, although she said so, a warm current rose in her heart.

Shen Jian: “…”

He should have thought of it long ago.
According to his boss’ venomous tongue, she definitely did not have any good words.

“Alright, since there’s nothing else, Let’s go.” Su Meng lifted her feet and walked to the side of the road.

“Boss, how are we going to go back? Are we going to take a taxi?” Shen Jian followed behind Su Meng.
Wei Ting and Lu Bai looked at each other, and the two of them followed.

Su Meng said, “Since you didn’t drive, we can only take a taxi back.”

Lu Bai quickly caught up with Su Meng and asked, “Miss Su, do you have anything important to do today?”

Su Meng shook her head.
“I’m fine.
I plan to go home and rest.”

Lu Bai smiled and said, “It’s not easy to find a taxi around here.
I happen to be free.
How about I drive you back? I can also visit Elder Guo.”

However, before Su Meng could reply, a black car drove over and stopped beside them.
The driver got out of the car and greeted Wei Ting and Su Meng respectfully as he opened the door.
“President Wei, Young Madam, I’m sorry.
The road was a little congested.
I’m late.”

Wei Ting nodded and said to Su Meng, “Get in the car.
I’ll drive you back.”

Shen Jian stood beside Su Meng.
He looked at Lu Bai and then at Wei Ting.
Although he was trying his best to appear calm, those crescent-shaped eyes betrayed him.
It was obvious that he was very excited at that moment.

In the next moment, Shen Jian seemed to want to prove Su Meng saying that he was stupid.
He said without thinking, “Wow, the battle between brother-in-law and future boyfriend.
Boss, which do you want to choose?”


Su Meng, Wei Ting, and Lu Bai looked at him.
The three of them did not say anything.

Shen Jian did not notice that he was being stared at by the three gazes.
He continued to say, “Brother-in-law is already in the past.
You should look forward, so it’s still the future…”

“Shut up!”

Halfway through his sentence, Shen Jian suddenly felt that the temperature around him seemed to have dropped a lot.
It was somewhat eerie.
He shivered and wanted to continue speaking, but he was interrupted by Su Meng.
Only then did he see Wei Ting’s expression, which had already dropped to the freezing point.

Shen Jian immediately closed his lips and did a zipper movement.
Finally, he did not speak anymore.

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