201 Poaching

Seeing that Wei Ting was dragging Su Meng away, Lu Bai quickly took a few steps forward and blocked in front of the two.
Wei, I think that regardless of whether Miss Su is with you or not, you should respect her opinion.
I’m talking to her.”

Wei Ting was blocked by Lu Bai.
He frowned slightly and revealed an unhappy expression.

Su Meng knew his temper.
He was very independent.
No one was allowed to stand in front of him.
Everyone had to listen to him.

Su Meng looked up at the policemen who were looking at them and then at Wei Ting’s expression.
With so many people looking at him, it was no wonder Wei Ting was unhappy.
He definitely wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Before Wei Ting’s temper flared up, Su Meng quickly said, “Mr.
Lu, I think I made it clear that day.
You don’t have to ask me anymore.”

Su Meng had already given a very clear answer that day.
Seeing that Su Meng still had the intention of rejecting him, Lu Bai smiled like a gentleman and did not dwell on this question.
Instead, he changed the topic.
“Things might have been a little sudden.
I was too abrupt.
In that case, let’s talk about this in the future.
We can get along as friends and get to know each other better.”

Wei Ting was already displeased when he was originally blocked.
At this moment, when he saw Lu Bai say such words in front of him, his face became even gloomier.
Su Meng was his wife.
Lu Bai was too brazen in trying to steal her away.

At that moment, he hugged Su Meng and said coldly with a sullen face, “Watch your boundaries.
She’s mine.
It’s not your place to develop a relationship with her.”

Seeing his actions, Lu Bai’s face darkened.
Even though he knew that Su Meng and Wei Ting were about to divorce, even though he knew that Su Meng was not accepted by the Wei family, even though he knew that the two of them did not have any feelings at the moment… However, no matter how much he knew, regardless of what would happen to Su Meng and Wei Ting in the future, Su Meng was now the legal wife of Wei Ting.
Based on this relationship, he had no position to stop the two of them.

Thinking of this, Lu Bai smiled again.
“Okay, then I’ll talk to her after you’re separated.”

Then, he turned his head and said, “Miss Su, how about we have a meal together sometime? After all, you saved my life.
It’s not too much to treat you to a meal with such a big favor, right?”

The meaning in his words was self-evident.
It seemed that he had decided to fight Wei Ting to the end today.

Su Meng: “…”

Why didn’t she see it before? Lu Bai was actually so infuriating.

Although Wei Ting didn’t like her, and it was only a matter of time before the two of them got divorced, they were still not divorced yet.
Lu Bai had openly said such things in front of Wei Ting.
Anyone would have minded.

Although Su Meng understood Wei Ting, she didn’t mind his opinion.
Su Meng thought that Wei Ting cared about his face.
After all, in Wei Ting’s heart, the only true love was Wei Xue.

Thinking of this, Su Meng unexpectedly replied to Lu Bai, “Sure.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Wei Ting’s originally gloomy face instantly became even gloomier.
Lu Bai nodded with a smile.
“Then it’s settled.
When Miss Su is free, I’ll pick you up.
My grandfather has long wanted to treat you to a meal.
He talks about you every day.”

Lu Bai deliberately emphasized the last part of his sentence.
At the same time, he glanced at Wei Ting.
Although there was no expression on his face, Wei Ting could feel his pride.

“You…” Just as the atmosphere between the two fell to freezing point, and Wei Ting opened his mouth to declare his sovereignty, Su Meng’s phone suddenly rang.

Su Meng took out her phone.
Seeing that it was her master calling, she signaled Wei Ting and Lu Bai to be quiet.
Only then did she pick up the phone.

It turned out that Guo Xiang also knew about Su Meng’s matter and was worried, so he called to ask, “Girl, I heard that you encountered a kidnapper?”

“Don’t worry, old man.
I’m fine.
Wei Ting and I are at the police station.
We’ll be back soon.” Hearing Guo Xiang’s anxious tone, Su Meng quickly comforted him.

Hearing that Su Meng was fine and that she would be back soon… Only then did Guo Xiang say with relief, “It’s good that you’re fine.
It’s good that you’re fine.
Then come back as soon as you’re fine.
Shen Jian also found out about this matter.
He was very worried about you and has gone to look for you.
However, he forgot to bring his cell phone.
Wait for him for a while.
You guys can come back together.”

Su Meng agreed.

After speaking to Guo Xiang, Su Meng hung up the phone and turned around to look.
Although Lu Bai and Wei Ting did not look right, they had not spoken since Su Meng signaled for them to be quiet.

Su Meng said to Wei Ting, “I need to wait for someone.
You can go back first.”

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