hey did not have enough manpower.
The other party had too many people.
They only managed to take down a dozen of their underlings.
The bald man and the Village Chief had been hiding behind them the whole time.
The two of them had successfully escaped.

When the police arrived at the scene, they saw more than a dozen people lying on the ground and howling.
Some were hugging their legs, and some were hugging their heads.
They looked like they had been beaten badly.

As for the six men who were standing, their clothes were just a little messy.

A middle-aged male police officer who was the leader walked up to Wei Ting and said coldly, “You kidnappers want to capture people and beat them up so badly? Come with me to the police station.
We need to do an investigation.”

Wei Ting looked at the policeman who was about to handcuff him.
With a cold gaze, he opened his thin lips and said, “Go and capture them.”

The middle-aged man was flustered by Wei Ting’s gaze.
He complained in his heart.
This young man looked dignified, so why would he do such a wicked thing? He was still a kidnapper.
As expected, good-looking people were not necessarily good people.
This kind of person could confuse people the most.

However, how could this person have such an imposing manner at such a young age? Thinking that he had been a police officer for more than 20 years, this was the first time that he had been seen by a kidnapper.
He could not help but feel a little embarrassed.

“Police comrade, I’m sorry.
Actually, those people are the kidnappers.” When Su Meng saw that the police actually thought that Wei Ting was a kidnapper, she immediately walked out from behind the rock to identify them.

“These people not only abduct and sell children, but they also capture living people to trade organs.
The cave over there is the place where they used to trade.” Su Meng pointed at the cave that she had just escaped from.

The middle-aged man: “…”

He looked at Wei Ting and saw that there was not a single injury on the surface.
He then looked at the people on the ground who were all badly beaten up.
No matter how he looked at it, Wei Ting looked more like a kidnapper.
How could a kidnapper be beaten up by a hostage?

Originally, he had some sympathy for the kidnappers, but when he heard that they were abducting and selling children, his sympathy immediately dissipated.
He quickly gathered the other police officers and let Su Meng lead the way to see the kidnapped children.

Sure enough, the police found five or six children in the cave.
They were all around four or five years old.

However, although the children were found, the Village Chief and the bald man had escaped.
A portion of the police officers first took the kidnappers they had caught to the police station, while the rest continued to search in the mountains.

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