Chapter 197: Killed Four

“Just be content.
We only do a few jobs every year, and when have we not been paid enough? If you think this is tiring, then don’t go out to work.
The bosses outside can squeeze the employees even more.
They work day and night, and they only have that little money every month.
We follow the boss well.
We haven’t encountered any danger for so many years.
When we have more money, we can buy a house and marry a wife.
Life will be good.”


While the four of them were chatting happily, Wei Ting quietly approached them.
They walked behind the man standing next to the machete, raised a stone, and threw it at his head.

The man let out a muffled groan and was immediately knocked unconscious.

The other three were stunned by this sudden scene.
They had never thought that an outsider would suddenly appear behind them.
Wei Ting’s actions were already very fast.
While they were in a daze, he went forward and knocked down another person.

Only then did the remaining two react.
They cursed loudly and pounced toward Wei Ting together.

Wei Ting dodged a person’s fist and gave another person a backhand punch.
Then, his feet swayed.
That person thought that Wei Ting was going to kick him again, and he made a defensive stance.
Wei Ting’s body turned.
He kicked at another person who was caught off guard.

From the beginning to the end, in less than a minute, Wei Ting directly knocked down four people.
He didn’t show any mercy at all.
He directly hit the most vulnerable part of the human body, and all four people fainted.

“Dead?” Su Meng walked out when she saw that people were knocked down.

“Just fainted.
I didn’t kill them,” Wei Ting said indifferently.
He threw the stone away, dusted his hands, and then went back to carry Ren Chi again.
He took Su Meng’s hand and led her down the mountain.

“Look at the direction.” It was too dark at the moment.
Although Wei Ting could tell the direction, he knew that he was not as good as Su Meng in this aspect, so he asked Su Meng to do it.

“Follow me.
This place is not far from the cave during the day.”

At the moment, the situation was urgent.
Su Meng did not care if she kept her distance from Wei Ting.
She took the initiative to hold his hand and led him to a safe place.

They didn’t walk on a proper path.
There were moving stones under their feet.
They would slip easily if they stepped on them.
Su Meng carefully led the way in front of them.

The air in the mountains was exceptionally fresh.
Occasionally, there would be a breeze blowing by, making people feel refreshed.
After Ren Chi, who was on the back of Wei Ting, left the sealed cave, he actually woke up after being blown by the wind.

“Boss?” When he completely woke up and saw the person carrying him under the moonlight, he shouted in disbelief.

When Wei Ting saw Ren Chi wake up, he stopped and said coldly, “Since you’re awake, then come down.”

He loosened his hand and Ren Chi fell off his back.
When he just woke up, Ren Chi’s body was still soft.
He didn’t stand up and directly sat on the ground.

The ground was covered in grass, so it didn’t hurt to fall.

“Boss, why are you here? Where are they?” Ren Chi still didn’t know what had happened.

Su Meng squatted down and asked Ren Chi, “Do you know how you were captured?”

“You are?” Ren Chi usually only listened to Wei Ting.
He didn’t answer Su Meng’s question.

Wei Ting ordered in a low voice, “Listen to her.
Answer whatever she asks.”

“Yes!” Ren Chi accepted the order and looked at Su Meng curiously.
He had never seen his boss so intimate with a woman.
It seemed that this should be the rumored wife of the First Lieutenant, their sister-in-law.

After guessing Su Meng’s identity, Ren Chi did not wait for Su Meng to ask and told her everything about his encounter.
He did not leave out any details.

“Before I fainted, I remembered that I suddenly missed my footing and fell to a place.
At that time, Yuan Jing was far away from me and I did not have the time to call him.
The place where I fell from was very high.
Fortunately, I reacted quickly and landed in the safest position, so I was not seriously injured.”

“After I fell, I wanted to call Yuan Jing, but as soon as I opened my mouth, a person came behind me and used ether to knock me out.”

“Then I was brought here.
During this period, I woke up once.
At that time, there were only two people watching me.
I thought I could escape, but I didn’t expect that I underestimated my injuries.
The most important point is…”

Ren Chi glanced at Su Meng, then looked at Wei Ting.
After deliberating on his words, he continued, “The two people watching me were very skilled.
They are the combat skills from the army.”

Su Meng did not react to these words.
Her first reaction was that the two people were skilled.

However, Wei Ting could hear the meaning in Ren Chi’s words.
Ren Chi meant that the two people might have come from the army.
If that were the case, it would be a big matter.

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