Chapter 194: Slept Together Again

“You sleep on the bed, I sleep on the ground.” Wei Ting saw that Su Meng kept a distance from him and knew that she was very concerned about him, so he spoke first.

“Oh, you can actually be so nice?” Su Meng raised her eyebrows.
She couldn’t believe that Wei Ting would be so considerate.
He didn’t even need her to remind him to sleep on the ground.

Unfortunately, she didn’t need it.

“This bed is so big.
We can sleep on one side each.
I’m not so pretentious that we have to sleep so far away.” Su Meng sat in front of the window and looked out.
The lights in the courtyard were not turned on, so she couldn’t see anything in the pitch-black darkness.

After a few glances, she didn’t see anything.
Su Meng directly lay on the bed with her clothes on.
It seemed that she was really going to sleep directly.

Since Su Meng had already said that she did not mind, Wei Ting raised his hand and turned off the lights.
He also put on his clothes and lay on the other side of the bed.

The night in the mountain village was exceptionally quiet.
It was unlike the city.
There were no car horns nor the noise of the night walkers.
Other than the sound of insects, there were no sounds at all.

Wei Ting lay there and could hear the faint breathing of the person around him.
In the past, the atmosphere like this was too normal.
It was so normal that he had never taken it to heart.
But now, it was already so difficult for the two of them to just quietly stay together, let alone sleep beside him.

In the past, it was Su Meng who tried her best to come to his side, but now, everything was reversed.

Su Meng’s breathing was very steady, as if she was asleep.
Wei Ting turned his head to look at her.

Although Su Meng closed her eyes and didn’t move, he knew that Su Meng wasn’t asleep at all.

“They just made a new discovery.
There are many moving rocks in the cave.
Behind the rocks, there is a corpse.
It was recently killed, and it is another child,” Wei Ting said in a deep voice.

Su Meng opened her eyes and looked at the dark ceiling.
Her hands by her side were already tightly clenched.

These people were really crazy.
They were actually so keen to hurt children just to get something that did not belong to them.

The two stopped talking and closed their eyes to rest.

After a long time, someone came over and knocked on the glass.
At the same time, he shouted in a low voice, “Is there anyone inside?”

Su Meng and Wei Ting had already fallen asleep.
They didn’t hear any sound and still slept peacefully.

Seeing that there was no sound inside, the person outside quietly opened the window and jumped in.

The person was wearing black clothes and hiding in the darkness.
When he came to the bedside and saw that the two people on the bed were already fast asleep, he took out a piece of cloth from his pocket.

Perhaps he thought that it would be easier to knock the man out first.
The person quietly walked to the side of Wei Ting and gently covered Wei Ting’s mouth and nose with the cloth.
Wei Ting’s body moved slightly, and then it became quiet.

The person was afraid that he would not be able to knock him out, so he deliberately covered him for a while more.
Only then did he feel that it was enough.
He picked it up and quietly came to Su Meng’s side.

When he covered Su Meng’s mouth and nose with the cloth, Su Meng opened her eyes and saw that there was someone next to her.
She struggled, but she only struggled twice before her body went limp.
She was also knocked out.

When he saw the two people who were knocked out, the person was afraid that they would suddenly wake up and he patted them one by one.
Both of them did not have any reaction, so he was relieved.

“Come over.
They have been knocked out by me.
You can rest assured,” the person standing in front of the window said to the person outside.
This voice belonged to the Village Chief.

After the Village Chief finished speaking, he went to unlock the door.
Just as he opened the door, two strong-looking men came in.

“I’ve already drugged the two of them.
Take them away directly.
be gentle and don’t disturb the others.” The Village Chief’s tone changed from the gentle tone of the day, and his voice became ruthless.

“Okay.” The two men agreed.
Then, they tied Wei Ting and Su Meng with ropes, and each carried one away.

Su Meng and Wei Ting were thrown into the car, and the few of them left the village quietly from the back of the car.

When they heard that there was no more movement, the two people in the car slowly opened their eyes.
It was very dark in the car, and Su Meng couldn’t see Wei Ting.
She called out in a low voice, “Wei Ting, are you there?”

“Yes,” Wei Ting replied.
Then, he reached out his hands to Su Meng’s side and carried her to his side.

Su Meng had already begun to slowly adapt to the dark environment.
Although she still couldn’t see clearly, she could see a shadow in front of her.
Knowing that it was Wei Ting who was holding her, her heart suddenly relaxed a little.

Only when Wei Ting started to help her untie the rope did she realize that something was wrong.
Wasn’t Wei Ting tied up like her? How did he break free?

“You weren’t tied up?” Su Meng asked.
At that time, she had kept her eyes closed and didn’t know what was happening around her.

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