“The food is no problem, Eldest Young Master.
If you don’t eat, you’ll be hungry all night.” Su Meng moved closer to Wei Ting and reminded him by his ear.
When she spoke, her breath blew into Wei Ting’s ears, causing his heart to move slightly.

He only stared at Su Meng closely and did not speak.

Su Meng saw that she could not persuade this person.
She knew that Wei Ting, as a president, was used to eating delicacies from the mountains and seas.
He would definitely not be satisfied with the food in this small mountain village.
In addition, the food here was really not too clean.
It was understandable that Wei Ting would mind.

However, she was different.
She was just an ordinary person.
Her master often taught her not to waste food.
Therefore, regardless of whether it was delicious or not, as long as it was clean and edible, she would be able to eat anything.

“Village Chief, let me ask you something.
Apart from us, has anyone else come to your village recently?” Su Meng wanted to confirm whether the Village Chief knew that Wei Ting’s subordinates had come and decide what she should do next.

The Village Chief thought for a moment.
He nodded and said, “Yes, they have.
Our village’s feng shui is probably too good.
Although ordinary outsiders rarely come here, feng shui masters or monks will pass by here.
When they pass by, they will ask us for food.
Yesterday, another feng shui master came, but he only asked for a steamed bun and then left.”

Knowing that the Village Chief was telling the truth, Su Meng was relieved.
It seemed that the Village Chief did not know that Wei Ting’s men had come.
However, it was also true that the mountain was quite far from the village, and the road to the village was not the only one.

While chatting with the Village Chief, Wei Ting received a phone call.
Although his face was expressionless and still as cold as ever, Su Meng could tell that something was wrong from his eyes.

Su Meng looked at the time and said to the Village Chief, “It’s already so late.
We’ll take a rest first.”

“Okay, okay.
If you need anything, just let me know.
You guys live in the west room.
I’m in the east room.
I can hear you when you call.” The Village Chief invited Su Meng to the small house on the west side and then went back.

Su Meng looked around the room.
The decoration was simple.
There was only a wardrobe and a bed.
There was also a table next to the bed.
The whole room was so plain that it was completely different from the first time Su Meng came.

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