Chapter 189: Almost Fell Down

This cave was only so big.
Before Su Meng came, they had already searched every corner with the Wei court.
They didn’t see any information.
It wasn’t like the plot of a novel.
How could she find something like a secret passage?

The two of them ridiculed in their hearts, but they still maintained an indifferent look on their faces.
After all, with Wei Ting around, they didn’t dare to act recklessly.

Su Meng looked seriously.
She felt that with Wei Ting’s status, they definitely wouldn’t be in the mood to joke with her.

One had to know that in Wei Ting’s heart, she was a disgusting existence.
He couldn’t wait to stay away from her.

The sooner she was done with it, the sooner she would go home.
This way, she wouldn’t be so disgusted with Wei Ting at this moment.

Su Meng searched on the wall for a long time, and sure enough, she got something.
She touched something that was moving.
Although it looked no different from the rocks around her, the feeling was obviously metal.
It was only a small dot.

She pressed hard, and her feet suddenly gave way, and her body fell down.

Wei Ting, who was at the side, had been paying attention to Su Meng’s movements.
Seeing that Su Meng’s body was falling down, he quickly reached out and grabbed her.
Su Meng was suspended there, and because Wei Ting’s movements were too big, his wound opened up again.

He could clearly feel the blood in his chest slowly seeping out.
His arm was out of strength, but he still held Su Meng tightly.

The men in black at the side were stunned when they saw this scene.
Fortunately, they reacted quickly and were only stunned for a moment.
They immediately rushed over to help Wei Ting hold Su Meng and pull her up.

“As expected, I was wondering how a living person could disappear for no reason.
Either there’s a trap here, or there’s a basement or something like that.
In any case, there’s something wrong with the underground.”

Su Meng’s first reaction when she was pulled up was not to look at her skinned arm, but to lie on the open ground and look down.

Instead, it was Wei Ting who pulled her up and then gently pulled her arm to help her deal with the sand stuck on it.

“Take care of yourself.
This place isn’t clean.
You’ll get sick if you get scratched.” Wei Ting’s tone was cold, but his actions were exceptionally gentle.

“It’s just a scratch.
It’s not that serious.
Besides, it doesn’t hurt.” Actually, it did hurt a little, but Su Meng didn’t care.

Ever since she experienced the kind of torture before she died in her previous life, her pain resistance seemed to have become much stronger.
Now, she didn’t care about those minor injuries at all.

Wei Ting didn’t stop what he was doing.
He said softly, “You stubborn duck.”

Su Meng: “…”

Look, she knew that Wei Ting didn’t have good intentions, so it was fortunate that she didn’t feel grateful to him just now.
Otherwise, she would definitely want to slap herself.

Wei Ting moved very quickly.
In just a short while, he had cleaned up the sand on Su Meng’s wound.
However, there was no first aid kit here, so there was no way to sterilize and bandage her wound.

Su Meng wasn’t pretentious.
After Wei Ting let go of her, she immediately crawled to the entrance of the cave and continued to look down.

It was very deep down.
She couldn’t even see the bottom with her phone.
Moreover, she didn’t know what was down there.
If she had just fallen down, she would have been either dead or crippled.

Wei Ting said that the person who suddenly disappeared might have fallen into this cave.

“Is there anyone down there?” Su Meng called out softly, but there was no response.
That person might have been injured or unconscious.

How was she supposed to save someone from such a deep place? Su Meng took out her phone and shone it near the entrance of the cave.
After taking a closer look, she realized that there were two ropes by the entrance of the cave.

Su Meng knew how to get down.

She reached out and picked up the rope.
At the end of the rope, there was something that looked like a buckle.
Su Meng did not know what this thing was used for, but Wei Ting knew.
He took the rope and tied the end of the rope to his waist.
Then, he slowly descended.

Only then did Su Meng know how this rope was used.
However, how could Wei Ting be so familiar with it?

There was only one rope at the entrance of the cave.
After Wei Ting safely descended, Su Meng followed his example and descended.

However, she wasn’t as skilled as Wei Ting, and almost fell down.
Fortunately, Wei Ting caught her below, and she fell into Wei Ting’s arms.

Wei Ting grunted and Su Meng immediately jumped down and took two steps back.
She was puzzled.
Was she that heavy?

However, when she stepped back, she immediately felt that something was wrong.
Her shoes were wet.
She picked up her phone and turned around to look.
There was a small puddle behind her.
She stepped into the puddle.

The sound of water dripping came from the side.
She did not hear wrongly.
There was indeed water dripping in this cave.

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