Su Meng rejected Wei Ting’s good intentions.
She was not so weak that she could not even climb a hill.
Moreover, Wei Ting was a patient.
She did not want to let him fall again because of her.

With a place to lean on, Su Meng quickly climbed up.
Only when she climbed up did she realize that there was a cave that was half the height of a person.
The edges of the cave entrance were neat.
It did not look natural, but more like it was artificially dug.

Wild grass grew around the cave entrance.
It seemed that no one had come for a long time.
No wonder the cave entrance couldn’t be seen from below.

“Let’s go.
It’s inside,” Wei Ting said as he raised his feet and walked inside.
Su Meng followed closely behind.

Although the cave was dark, it was still spacious.
It was more than enough for one person to walk inside.
However, it wouldn’t work if two people walked side by side.
Wei Ting was afraid that Su Meng wouldn’t be able to see the road and fall.
He held the flashlight in one hand and held Su Meng’s arm in the other.
Su Meng didn’t resist.

Su Meng calculated the distance as she walked.
After walking for about six meters, Wei Ting led her around a big bend.
The area around them suddenly became wide open, and the two of them could stand up straight.

They should have reached the end of the road.
Su Meng turned on the flashlight herself and shone it in all directions.
There were many stone pillars in the cave, which were polished very smooth.
It was very quiet in the cave.
Su Meng heard the sound of water dripping.
It was very soft, but crisp.
However, when she looked around with her flashlight, she found that the ground was dry and there was no water.

She walked around the wall and confirmed that there was no path inside.
Where did the sound of water dripping come from?

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