t was impossible, it was already too late.”

“At first, the Village Chief said that I had brought back the good luck of the entire village by myself and that he would take good care of me in the future.
However, as my body became weaker and weaker, the Village Chief became more and more impatient with me.
Only then did I realize that he wanted to use me to change his life.
I wanted to leave, but he didn’t let me go and didn’t let anyone else go to his house.
In the end, this is what you all know now.”

Hong Si was a kind person.
Su Meng could tell from the moment she met him that if he was not kind, her master would not have wanted him.

However, it was precisely this kind of kindness that almost took his life.
A person had to be a little rough in order to live a better life.

Su Meng asked him, “Brother Hong, what do you think of the Village Chief now?”

“I used to be sincerely grateful, but now…” Hong Si paused.
He continued, “He used my grandfather’s ashes to threaten me to be his formation eye.
I used to treat him as family, but I didn’t expect him to only use me.
He said that if I didn’t listen to him, he would scatter my grandfather’s ashes.”

“The people of our village believe in these things.
They believe that if a person’s ashes are scattered after death, they will be sent to h*ll to be tortured.
Although I don’t mind, I don’t want my grandfather to go through this.” Hong Si’s voice was low.
The people in the car could hear the helplessness and sadness in his words.

Although he said it simply, Su Meng could tell that the Village Chief was trying to kidnap and threaten him morally.

“Brother Hong, have you ever thought about how you came to this village?” Su Meng asked.

Hong Si was stunned for a moment and said doubtfully, “I am from this village.
I was born in this village, but my parents died early, so only my grandfather is by my side.”

Su Meng realized that Hong Si really did not know.
She sighed and said, “Brother Hong, did you not suspect that you were kidnapped? You have never seen your parents since you were young, and there are no other relatives in the village.
There are too many flaws.
That feng shui master back then must have realized that you did not belong to this village and wanted to take you away.
That was why he took you in as his disciple.”

“Most people would not provoke a feng shui master because feng shui masters rely on fate to make a living.
Some black-hearted people would be provoked and curse or behead them.
There are all sorts of ways to harm people.
That’s why the Village Chief didn’t dare to stop him from taking you away.
That’s why you were safe for so long.”

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