Hong Si was still fine when he left the antique shop.
He should have been fine when he came to the village.
Why was Hong Si blind when he saw him?

“Sir, how was Hong Si’s body when you saw him go blind?” Su Meng asked.

The old man thought for a moment.
“His eyes may not be working, but his body is still fine.”

After hearing the old man’s words, Su Meng realized that this was indeed the case.

This meant that when Hong Si had just lost his sight, he was still free.
The reason why he was trapped and prevented others from seeing him was because his body was getting weaker and weaker.

She thought for a moment and asked, “Sir, how much do you know about Hong Si? Can you tell me everything? The village chief said that he was an orphan and that his background was very pitiful.”

“Hong Si?” the old man muttered in a low voice.
He looked troubled, as if he did not want to say anything.

“Sir, if you don’t know, then forget it.
We are going to leave with Hong Si.” Su Meng pretended to open the car door, but the old man stopped her as soon as her hand touched it.

The old man sighed and said, “Sigh, I can say it, but you can’t tell others that I said it.”

“Don’t worry, it definitely won’t happen.” Su Meng promised, and Shen Jian and Lin Ai also promised at the same time.

Only then did the old man start to say, “The Village Chief actually said that he was an orphan? Ha, he really knows how to lie.
Hong Si is not an orphan.
He was abducted and sold to this village by human traffickers.”

“When Hong Si first came, he was fair and tender, and he was wearing pink clothes.
The human traffickers thought that he was a girl and stole him to sell him to the village idiot as a wife.
Twenty years ago, when the internet was still underdeveloped, a person who was stolen was basically no different from a dead person.
Even if there were family members looking for them, very few people would be able to find them.”

“The idiot’s family found out that Hong Si was a boy and not a girl, and he was still a little silly, so they abandoned him.
The human trafficker found out that he had kidnapped a silly child, and no one wanted such a child.
If they took him away, they wouldn’t be able to sell him for much money, and they might even lose money.
They also abandoned him, leaving him to fend for himself in the village.”

“An old man saw that he was pitiful, so he took him in and raised him as his own child.
But the old man’s health wasn’t good.
After living with him for about ten years, he also fell ill and died.
It was strange.
Ever since the old man died, Hong Si seemed to have suddenly become enlightened.
He suddenly became smarter and left the village with a feng shui master who was passing by.”

“The Village Chief didn’t let him leave, so this kid sneaked away.
He left for many years.
I don’t know why he suddenly came back.
He was fine the day he came back, but he suddenly lost his sight.
The Village Chief said that he would leave him behind to take care of him, but he didn’t let him leave the house.
He also didn’t let anyone visit him.”

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