ave again.
Otherwise, you’ll be in big trouble.”

“I warned you yesterday, but why didn’t you listen? Sigh, young people nowadays just don’t listen to an old man.
In the end, they only find out when they’re at a disadvantage.
When you saved me today, I wanted to tell you.
But at that time, the Village Chief was there, so I couldn’t say anything, so I could only leave first.
Now that the Village Chief isn’t around, I can come over and tell you.”

Seeing that the old man didn’t seem to be joking, Su Meng asked doubtfully, “Sir, what exactly do you mean? Why can’t we leave after the night is over?”

The old man looked around and saw that there was no one around.
He tugged at Su Meng’s sleeve and pulled her to the side of the car.
“Girl, let’s talk in the car?”

Seeing that the old man was so vigilant, Su Meng nodded and opened the car door for him.
Shen Jian and Lin Ai also went in.

As soon as they entered the car, the old man heaved a sigh of relief and began to tell her everything he knew.

“Our village is evil.
I don’t know which god we have offended.
It’s fine if the villagers stay in the village obediently, but if they leave the village, they will be plagued by disease or bad luck.”

“Because it’s too weird, the people in the village basically won’t go out, because those who go out have accidents.
If it’s outsiders who come to our village, it’s fine if they don’t stay overnight, but if they stay overnight, they will also be tainted with bad luck.
If they forcefully go out, all sorts of bad things will happen.”

“I shouldn’t have said this to you, but you saved my life, and in return, I told you this.
Little girl, look at how young you are.
Why didn’t you listen to an old man like me at that time?”

Su Meng listened carefully.
Although she knew half of what the old man said, she was curious about the specifics, so she asked, “Sir, do you know what the so-called bad luck is?”

The old man thought for a moment.
“There are very few outsiders in our village, and very few people go out.
I remember that the people who went out of the village either had a car accident or died of illness.
The most typical one was Hong Si.
He went out for a few years, but when he came back, he was blind.
When he left the village, he was still healthy and vigorous.”

“Even if we get married, we hardly look for outsiders.
We always stay with the neighboring village.
Our village is considered outside the mountains.
If you walk a little further in, you can still see a few villages.”

Su Meng did not pay attention to other words.
Instead, she noticed that Hong Si was blind.

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