However, Guo Xiang said indifferently, “She only worked part-time in the shop for a month.
I only stayed with her for two days.”

Su Meng: “…”

So Lin Ai was acting friendly? She thought that it was rare for her master to have a good friend, but it turned out that Lin Ai was too enthusiastic.

They spent the night quietly.
The next day, before dawn, Su Meng got up and cleaned up.

Shen Jian was still sleeping.
Su Meng knocked on the door for a long time before she woke him up.

Su Meng heated up a few slices of bread and poured two cups of milk.
She planned to leave after a few bites.

She and Shen Jian were having dinner.
Lin Ai was here too.
Su Meng saw that she was energetic and did not look sleepy at all.
She sighed in her heart.
It was so good to be young.

After dinner, Su Meng took Lin Ai and Shen Jian to Hong Si’s hometown.

The journey was really far.
Su Meng drove for a full three hours before reaching the foot of the mountain.
At this time, the sky was already bright.

What Su Meng had not noticed was that a black car had followed her from the moment she left the antique shop until she got off the highway.

Su Meng followed the navigation and drove into the mountain.
After driving for another half an hour, she finally arrived at the village marked on the map.

Just as Guo Xiang had said, this place was rather remote.

Su Meng parked the car at the outskirts of the village.
The roads inside were not easy to walk on, and the roads in the village were very bumpy.
It was easy for people who were not familiar with the roads to get lost.

When Su Meng arrived, there were three aunties sitting on a wooden stake at the intersection, chatting.

Su Meng got out of the car and asked, “Hello, excuse me, do you know where Hong Si’s house is?”

When the three of them heard Hong Si’s name, they looked at each other as if they had seen something extraordinary.
Then, they shook their heads and said, “I don’t know.
You’d better ask someone else.”

After saying that, the aunties each carried their own small stools and left quickly.
Their reactions were as if Su Meng was something terrible, and that if they left too late, they would be unlucky.

Just as the aunties left, a man carrying a hoe walked over.
It seemed that he was preparing to go down to work.

Su Meng called out to him again and asked him about Hong Si.
She did not expect that his reaction was the same as the three aunties.
He said that he did not know, but his steps were extremely fast.
He even slipped because he was walking too fast.
He almost fell.

“Boss, is Brother Hong that scary? Why do they seem so scared when his name is mentioned?” Shen Jian said to Su Meng as he rolled down the car window.

Lin Ai snorted and said, “Brother Hong is a good person, and he has helped me a lot.
He is not scary.
I’m afraid that these people have done something wrong.”

Her words reminded Su Meng that if Lin Ai had not said something wrong, Su Meng would not have noticed it.

Recalling the faces of these people, there was a green ball in the middle of the fortune line.
This meant that they had recently received a sum of ill-gotten gains.

If one or two people were the same, it would be fine.
After all, the village was so big, there would always be similar incidents.
But why were the faces of these four people the same? This meant that the four of them had obtained a large amount of ill-gotten gains.

Thinking of this, Su Meng decided not to ask for directions for the time being.
Instead, she began to observe the other people in the village.

Her position should be too close to the edge, so she did not see many villagers.
Occasionally, one or two of them would walk over.
These villagers were usually together.
They lowered their heads and did not see each other every day.
They were very familiar with each other.
When they suddenly saw the unfamiliar face of Su Meng, each of them would secretly turn their heads to look at her.

They looked at Su Meng, and Su Meng was also observing them.

After looking at a few more people, Su Meng discovered that each of these villagers had a green ball of fortune.
However, some were bigger and some were smaller.

Not only that, standing at the outer edge of the village, Su Meng could clearly feel a wave of yin qi lingering nearby.
However, after taking a few steps inside, that wave of yin qi became weaker.

This feeling was as if something was protecting the village, but it had a side effect on the villagers.
After they had a good time for a while, they would slowly suffer a backlash.

It was too strange.
The village was clearly peaceful, but she felt very uncomfortable.
This feeling made her very uncomfortable.

But it was also because of this that Su Meng wanted to go to the village to find out more.

She drove slowly into the village.
Along the way, the people she met might have seen Su Meng’s unfamiliar face and felt that it would be troublesome to talk to her.
Therefore, every villager who saw her seemed to have seen something terrible.
Before Su Meng could speak, they had already dodged in a panic.

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