After taking a look around, Su Meng had chosen the model that was placed in the corner.
It should be the cheapest model in the shop.
However, the configuration was not bad.
It was very cost-effective.

While Su Meng was looking at the car, the fat man who came later was also secretly observing her.
His eyes were staring straight at her.

The beautiful woman at the side noticed that something was wrong with him.
She pointed at the most expensive car in the shop and said coquettishly, “Brother Chen, I want that car.
Can you give it to me?”

The beauty was acting coquettishly towards the fatty.
She even held onto the fatty’s arm tightly.
Seeing that the fatty did not have any reaction, she moved closer to the fatty’s face and kissed him, leaving a red lipstick mark.

The assistant and the customers who saw this scene all had goosebumps all over their bodies.
This beauty was not picky at all.
This fatty was dark-skinned and had a few large bumps on his face.
He looked ferocious and looked like a mafia boss.
Even with such an ugly look, the beauty could still seduce him.

However, fatty did not know the disdain in the hearts of the others.
He was very happy with this action of the beauty.
He waved his hand and said, “Then take this car.
Buy whatever you like.
I’m lacking in everything except money!”

The fatty said this in the direction of Su Meng.
His voice was very loud.
He was deliberately trying to attract Su Meng’s attention.

And he did succeed.
Su Meng and Shen Jian heard it and turned their heads to look at him.
When fatty saw Su Meng turn her head, he immediately revealed a smile that he thought was gentle and handsome.
He even made a handsome pose.

The assistant did not care about anything else.
When she heard that fatty wanted to buy the most expensive car, her smile was so wide that it almost reached her ears.

She could see the status of the beauty in the fatty’s heart and quickly praised, “The two of you are indeed handsome men and beautiful women.
Both of you have such good taste.
This car is the treasure of our store.
Regardless of whether it is its performance or appearance, it is the best.”

“Moreover, this car is a limited edition.
It is the only one left in the entire country.
If you drive it, it will be flashy and show off your status.
It is the most suitable car for the two of you.”

When the assistant heard that there was money to be made, she was not afraid to speak without conscience.
After all, this car’s commission was the highest in the shop.
Selling other cars would require several cars to reach this amount of money.

When she heard the assistant’s praise, the beautiful woman became even happier.
She gave the fatty a hug and even deliberately used her chest to rub against him.
The fatty was not afraid of embarrassment.
He conveniently hugged the beautiful woman.
The two of them were extremely intimate.
The others were a little speechless.

“Boss, that car is indeed the most expensive.
It’s really cool.” Shen Jian looked at the car that the fatty had chosen and his eyes were filled with love.

Su Meng looked at it for a while and frowned.
That car…

When the fatty saw Su Meng looking in his direction, he thought that she was looking at him.
He flicked his hair, let go of the beauty, and walked toward Su Meng.

“Beauty, I see that you have been looking at me.
Do you also like that car? If you want it, I can…”

“Sir, I advise you to change to another car.” Su Meng did not wait for the fatty to finish speaking and interrupted him.

“Why should we change? Do you like this car too?” The beauty knew the fatty very well.
Seeing that he was interested in Su Meng, the beauty immediately followed him.

Especially when she heard Su Meng say to change the car, she thought that Su Meng was like her.
She liked the fatty and wanted to ask him for it, so she immediately asked.

“This car is not good,” Su Meng said in a deep voice.

“Not good? I think you are jealous.
But what’s the use of being jealous? Looking at your appearance, you don’t seem to be able to afford it.
Why don’t you look at another car? Nuo, I think that car is more compatible with you.” The beautiful woman used her chin to point at a small car that looked like a beetle in the corner as she mocked them.

That car looked like a magnified beetle.
It had a strange appearance and was very small.
It seemed to be out of place among the group of high-end cars.

“Madam, it’s fine if you can’t afford a car yourself.
Please don’t disturb other guests.
This car is the best.
It’s perfect in all aspects.
It’s the most suitable for this beauty’s temperament.” When the assistant heard Su Meng’s words… Her expression changed.
Fortunately, the beauty did not believe her and even mocked Su Meng.

The assistant knew who to hug and quickly followed the beauty’s words.
She almost praised the beauty to the sky.

The beauty was indeed very pleased.
She hugged the fatty’s arm and looked at Su Meng proudly.
Her eyes were full of provocation.

“Brother Chen, this is what I want.” The beauty saw that the fatty’s eyes were fixed on Su Meng.
She shook his arm and acted coquettishly.

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