“She didn’t do anything out of line.
We can’t do anything to her.
This incident can’t be related to that woman again, right?”

The man looked at Su Meng and frowned slightly, as if he didn’t believe Su Meng’s words.

“Is the woman you’re talking about called Fang Yin?” Su Meng asked.

The man nodded and looked at Su Meng, revealing an expression of ‘as expected’.
In his heart, as expected, Su Meng was called by Fang Yin to help.

He felt that as a fortune teller, Su Meng was paid to do things.
Fang Yin must have given her money, which was why she came to do this mission.
The information might not even be accurate.

It was not strange for him to think that way.
On the day Su Meng saved Lu Bai, he went after her and did not participate in the whole process.
He only picked up Lu Bai in the end.
Later, he heard Elder Lu talk about Su Meng’s ability and said that Lu Bai was saved by her.
Elder Lu would not lie, so he had some respect for her.

However, Su Meng was, after all, paid to do things.
The case had already been finalized.
This time, she brought it up again.
It must have been because she was entrusted by that woman.

“Qi Sha, didn’t my grandfather tell you about Miss Su’s ability?” Toward the man who did not hide his suspicion and dissatisfaction towards Su Meng, Lu Bai reprimanded the man behind him.

“Yes, he did, but these two matters are fundamentally different.
That time, we were looking for you, but the police couldn’t find you for a long time.
For Miss Su, we could only treat it as a test.
It’s naturally good to find her, but we can only blame ourselves for not being able to do it.”

“But this time, we’re going to search the house.
If there’s no evidence, we’ll search the house directly.
If we can find evidence, that’s naturally good.
If we can’t find anything, then there will definitely be trouble behind us.”

Su Meng understood Qi Sha’s words.
Without sufficient evidence, the police had no right to do so unless they obtained a special warrant from the higher-ups.

Although she could guarantee that there would definitely be something inside the house, some of the police officers did not believe her.
However, it seemed that Lu Bai was the leader.
As long as he could be trusted, everything would be fine.

“Get a few brothers and go with Miss Su to search the house.” Lu Bai ignored Qi Sha’s words and gave the order directly.

No matter how many doubts Qi Sha had in her heart, he had to carry out the order given by the officer.

“Miss Su, let me know if you find any problems.
I hope the case can really be solved.” Qi Sha could only follow the order of the officer to carry out the order.

Su Meng did not say anything.
She nodded and followed Qi Sha into the house.
Lu Bai was waiting for them outside.

When Qi Sha and the others entered, Lu Si was sitting on the sofa in the living room on the first floor.
She had long realized that her house was surrounded by the police.
It was also tightly surrounded.
She could not leave at all.

“Miss Su, I just wanted you to help me check my feng shui and interpret my dreams.
I didn’t expect you to call the police.” Lu Si looked at Su Meng with a hint of a smile.
This expression matched her current appearance, was really a little strange.

Without waiting for Su Meng to answer, Qi Sha, who was at the side, said, “Miss Lu, we need to search your house.
Please sit here obediently and don’t move.”

“As you wish.” Lu Si leaned back in a relaxed manner.
She did not look worried at all.

Qi Sha gestured for a policeman to stay behind and watch Lu Si.
The rest of them went to search separately while Su Meng followed behind him.

In the end, they did not find anything.

“Miss Su, look…” Qi Sha looked at Su Meng with a bad expression.

“Boss, did you make a mistake? Even the police did not find anything.” Shen Jian whispered beside Su Meng.
He was a little worried.

Su Meng ignored the strange looks from the people around her.
She walked to the wall and knocked on it.
She even took out a compass to check around the wall.

After looking at a few places, when the compass began to turn, she finally said, “Officer Qi, can you break the wall?”

Qi Sha: “…”

They had listened to Su Meng’s words and searched the house, but they didn’t find anything.
Now, they were going to break down the wall.
If they didn’t find anything, they would really be criticized.

Su Meng had been staring at Lu Si when she said this.
Sure enough, when she heard her words, a hint of panic flashed in Lu Si’s eyes, and she finally lost her composure.

Sure enough…

Su Meng came to a conclusion in her heart.

“If you can’t make the decision, then I’ll ask Officer Lu Bai.
He should have the right, right?” Su Meng said.

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