took out a small incense burner and a talisman from her bag.
She burned the talisman in the incense burner and placed the small incense burner in the middle of the house.
She inserted three sticks of incense.
Just as she lit the incense, someone suddenly rang the doorbell outside.

Lu Si’s expression darkened when the doorbell rang.
She stared at the direction of the door but had no intention of opening it.

“Miss Lu Si, someone is coming,” Su Meng reminded her.

“Ah… Okay!” Lu Si came back to her senses and slowly walked toward the door to open it.

Su Meng was a little curious.
She felt that Lu Si’s reaction was very strange, so she quietly moved a few steps toward the door.

After the door was opened, she saw a woman.
She was dressed very exquisitely.
She wore sunglasses, raised her head slightly, and stood there with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

When she saw the woman, Lu Si’s expression darkened even more.
She said unhappily, “What are you doing here?”

The woman sneered and wanted to walk into the house.
At the same time, she sneered, “What am I doing here? Of course, I’m here to seek justice for Lu Ning.
I believe that other than me, no one else can help him.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw Shen Jian and Su Meng standing in the house.

“Yo, you have done something bad and are afraid of someone getting revenge, so you even found two people to accompany you.
What, now you have friends? You can make friends too?” the woman said in a strange tone.

Lu Si crossed her legs and blocked the woman’s way in.
She said coldly, “What does it have to do with you? Leave quickly, or I’ll call the police!”

“Call the police? Lu Si, do you really think that no one knows what you’ve done? Although you’ve done it flawlessly, the truth will come out sooner or later!” The woman raised her hand and pushed Lu Si, trying to force her way in.

Su Meng saw that the two of them had already begun to fight.
Before the fight started, she quickly went forward to persuade her.
“Let’s talk things through.
Lu Si, was the Lu Ning that she mentioned just now your brother?”

Lu Si nodded and said, “Yes, my brother committed suicide because of this woman.”

When the woman heard that, she immediately became anxious and shouted, “Lu Si, don’t slander me.
You were clearly the one who killed your brother because you were selfish and afraid that he would be with me.
Unfortunately, you did it flawlessly.
Even the police couldn’t see through it!”

Su Meng suddenly felt bad.
Why was she involved in a criminal case after visiting feng shui?

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