ne, so she did not dare to move too much on his back.
She could only calculate the position slightly.

While she was looking at the map, One’s body suddenly staggered.
It gave Su Meng a fright, and she immediately stopped moving.

“What’s wrong? Are you too tired? I’d better come down.
We’re almost there anyway.” Su Meng thought that One was too tired and wanted to go down, but One held onto her very tightly.
She struggled for a long time but could not move.

“Don’t move.
I just missed my step.” One moved his body and pushed Su Meng Up.
Then, he continued to walk forward.

Shen Jian followed behind.
He was already extremely tired, but there was nothing he could do.
It was his fault that he was a man.
He did not receive such treatment.
He only lamented his gender in his heart.

When Su Meng was calculating the position of the base, she clearly felt that the target had been moving.
She did not expect the target to actually stop now.
She was not sure why the target was moving.
In order to prevent danger, when they were about a kilometer away from the target, Su Meng had One put her down.

“The target is about a kilometer ahead.
It was originally moving, but now it has stopped.
I’m not sure what the reason is and if there is any danger.” Su Meng could only help find the position.
Danger was such a thing… They could only rely on themselves to solve it.

“Okay.” Gao Yan expressed his understanding and then sent two scouts to investigate.

After a while, the two scouts returned and reported to Gao Yan, “Sir, we just checked the area within 1,500 meters.
There’s nothing.”

After listening to the report, Gao Yan looked at Su Meng and said, “Miss Su, should we go over?”

“The thing is still there.
Let’s walk over slowly.” Su Meng was pulled by One to follow beside him.
The group of people split up and headed in the direction of the target.

As expected, they did not find anything unusual as they walked in.

Su Meng looked at the map in her hand and began to calculate in detail.

“In the southeast direction, there is a lot of yin qi.
Strange, why is there yin qi?” Su Meng mumbled.
The others did not understand, so they could only wait for Su Meng to determine the final location.

“Yin qi, there’s water.
It’s raining now, so there’s water everywhere.
This can be ignored.
What exactly does that yin qi mean? It seems that besides yin qi, there’s also…”

Su Meng had a flash of inspiration and suddenly understood something.

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