fainted for a while and soon regained consciousness.

After she regained consciousness, she wanted to find the main group, but when she stood up, she realized that she didn’t know which direction to go.
The noise was too loud.
Even if she shouted at the top of her lungs, others might not be able to hear her.
On the contrary, if she were to be shocked by something else, she would be in trouble.

The compass was in her combat uniform.
If she wanted to take the compass, she would have to take off her clothes first.
However, taking off her combat uniform in this kind of environment was too dangerous.
If she did not look for people, it would be dangerous to look for people to take off their clothes.
For a moment, Su Meng was in a dilemma.

Walking around would undoubtedly be more dangerous.
Thinking of this, Su Meng decided not to leave.
She found a large rock that was a little flat and sat on it.
At the same time, she turned on the flashlight and placed it beside her.
This way, the people who came to look for her would be able to find her very quickly.

Those soldiers were more suitable than her to look for people in the jungle.
Staying put was the least troublesome behavior.

Su Meng sat on the rock and waited for a while.
Suddenly, she heard a sound beside her.
Her heart tightened.
She quickly turned off the flashlight and leaned on the rock to listen carefully.

No matter what it was, it was the safest to hide in the dark now.
In this weather, wild beasts should not be able to smell her.

Su Meng listened for a while and found that it was a humming sound.
The sound was intermittent and weak, and it was covered by the sound of the rain from time to time.

What she could hear was definitely nearby.
Although she knew that curiosity killed the cat, Su Meng still decided to take a look because she instinctively felt that there was no danger.

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