Gao Yan was stunned by this scene.
His commanding officer had always been cold and proud.
He had never seen him treat anyone so gently.
Why did it feel like he treated Miss Su Meng a little differently? Could it be that he had taken a liking to Su Meng?

Thinking of this, Gao Yan noticed a problem.
He had never heard of his commanding officer having a girlfriend or wife.
Could it be that he was still single, so he had a crush on Su Meng?

Before he could finish thinking, Gao Yan quickly denied his own thoughts.

One did not have a heart.
If he really had a heart, he would not be so cruel to his comrades.
Moreover, he had quite a lot of contact with him.
He had never seen or heard of any opposite s*x around him.
He must have been mistaken.
That must be the case.

Gao Yan continued to look at One.
He originally thought that there would be some sparks between the two, but in the next moment, One turned around and left.
It was as if he had taken Shen Jian away just to help Su Meng put on her clothes.

There was nothing left to watch, so Gao Yan moved his gaze away.

However, Su Meng felt that something was wrong.
For some reason, she had a strange feeling in her heart when faced with this man who covered his entire body tightly.
She did not know where this feeling came from.
However, she did not think too much about it.
After she was done, she walked to the middle of the large group.

Shen Jian was still puzzled.
He thought that the officer did not believe in his skills.
He muttered to himself in defeat, “I know how to wear the clothes too.
Why do you not trust me so much? I always wear them myself…”

Gao Yan sighed helplessly when he saw this and comforted him, “Mr.
Shen, it’s not that he doesn’t trust you.
It’s just that it’s very troublesome to wear a combat uniform.
It’s different for you to wear it for yourself and for others.
The officer is only thinking about Miss Su’s safety.”

“Is that so?” Shen Jian seemed to really believe his words.

“That’s right.” Gao Yan confirmed.

The small episode ended just like that.
After everyone was ready, they began to walk into the forest.

It didn’t feel like much from the outside.
Once they entered the forest and walked a distance into the forest, the difference between the inside and the outside was immediately revealed.

As this forest had not been developed yet, there were thorns everywhere.
At this moment, it was raining, and the ground was particularly slippery.
Su Meng walked extremely carefully.
It was still light for her to simply fall down, as she was afraid that she would encounter some poison.

At this time, the protective clothing could be used.
It could protect against rain and warmth, and it could also isolate the thorns.
Other than being too heavy, it had no other shortcomings.

Soldiers trained every day.
This small obstacle was a small problem for them.
The usual training was much more difficult than now.
However, Su Meng did not have such strong stamina.
After walking for a while, she was exhausted and fell behind.

She slowly fell from the front of the group to the back.
Everyone knew Su Meng’s identity.
Basically, everyone was paying attention to her condition.
As long as she did not leave the group, she would be fine.

Shen Jian saw that Su Meng was falling behind.
He also slowed down and walked side by side with Su Meng.

“Boss, are you okay? If it’s really not possible, let them rest for a while.
We are not soldiers, so our stamina is not as good as theirs,” Shen Jian advised with some worry because Su Meng’s condition was really not good.

Su Meng did not want to affect others because of herself.
This matter was already critical, so she could only persevere.
Therefore, she shook her head because she was too tired to speak.

Shen Jian did not advise her anymore.
He just walked with her.

In the end, after taking a few steps, Su Meng slipped and stepped on something soft.
Her body fell to the side uncontrollably.

This section of the road was a small slope.
Su Meng had rolled a few times and had already exhausted her strength.
After this fall, she saw stars and could not move at all.

A patch of thorns fell on her body.
Fortunately, she was wearing a combat uniform, which protected her from injury.

Although there was quite a commotion, the sound of the rain was even louder and accompanied by thunder from time to time.
The people walking in front did not hear it.
Only a few soldiers at the end of the group noticed it and quickly went down to look for Su Meng.

Shen Jian was also scared out of his wits and ran toward the place where Su Meng had disappeared.
However, he did not have the sense of direction and physical strength that the other soldiers had, so he was directly separated from the rest of the group.

The commotion at the back was covered by the sound of the rain, so Gao Yan didn’t notice and was still striding forward.
However, One, who was walking beside him, suddenly stopped and looked around.

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