In this kind of weather, not to mention other sudden situations, the weather alone was already very dangerous.
Because according to Su Meng’s observation, there would be a rainstorm at night.
Moreover, she always felt a little flustered, but she could not predict what would happen.

She found that as long as it was related to her, it was as if it was shrouded in a thick fog, and she could not see through it at all.

There was nothing she could do.
The matter was too urgent, and she could not figure anything out.
She could only brace herself and set off with everyone.

“Miss Su, you will ride this car with me.” Gao Yan came over to pick up Su Meng.
It was most suitable for him to bring Su Meng and Shen Jian along.

Just as Su Meng was about to get on the car, One walked over from the side.
He pointed at Su Meng and said in a deep voice, “You, ride with me.”

Seeing that he was the highest ranking officer here, Su Meng thought to herself that he had asked her to come with him so that it would be easier for her to understand the information.
Su Meng nodded in agreement and followed One to the second car.

Just as she was about to get into the car, Su Meng realized that Shen Jian had also followed her.

“Boss, wait for me.
I’ll sit with you!” Shen Jian was afraid that Su Meng would leave him behind.
He jogged over and was about to get into the car with her.

One was quick-witted and closed the car door with a bang.
Shen Jian was rejected.

“Hey, open the door.
Can’t I get into this car?” Shen Jian knocked on the glass outside, signaling Su Meng to open the door for him.

“Sir, he’s my partner,” Su Meng explained.

It would have been fine if she did not explain.
With this explanation, One put down the black glass inside.
This time, it was completely isolated from the outside.
Even the sound could not be heard.
The soundproofing of this car was really good.

“Not from the army,” One said this coldly and did not speak again.

Not from the army? Su Meng was stunned.
She looked at One with some doubts.
However, she was not from the army either.
If she could break the rules to get clues, Shen Jian should be able to come up too.

However, seeing that One did not react, she gave up.

Su Meng signaled to Shen Jian to take the car at the back.
Unfortunately, he could not see.
He could see the outside of the car, but he couldn’t see the inside from the outside.

One was too cold.
No matter how Su Meng said it, there was no reaction.
Fortunately, Gao Yan came over and called Shen Jian away, letting him take the car with him.

Shen, that’s our commander’s car.
It’s not a car that people not from the army can’t take.
You’d better take the car with me.” Gao Yan tried to smooth things over on the surface, but in fact, he looked at One’s car in surprise.

He wasn’t lying.
One’s car had always been a car that only comrades could ride in.
The rest of the people, regardless of their reasons or whether they were male or female, were not allowed to ride in it.

Last time, even when a certain leader came to investigate, he did not let him get into his car.
However, Su Meng actually got into his car.
It was really too rare.

“Oh, is that so? Alright then.” Shen Jian did not say much and obediently followed Gao Yan.

After everyone was ready, the car started to set off.

The rain became heavier and heavier.
Just as the car left the army and drove onto the main road, a bolt of lightning suddenly flashed in the sky, followed by rolling thunder from afar.

Su Meng could not help but worry about how to find things in this kind of weather.
It was not that it was difficult to determine the location, but it was difficult to even walk in this weather, let alone find things.

She turned to look at the person next to her.
That person was not even an officer, so she did not need to worry about things outside her responsibility.
Looking at the rainstorm outside, Su Meng leaned against the window and closed her eyes to rest.
There would be a tough battle to fight later.

When Su Meng closed her eyes to rest, One, who had originally closed his eyes to rest, suddenly opened his eyes and turned to look at Su Meng.

The gaze hidden under his glasses was full of deep meaning and had a different kind of emotion.

After not seeing each other for so long, Su Meng seemed to be living very well.
She even got to know Old Lu.

Was this the life she wanted? Taking jobs and relying on her own ability to earn money? She did not care even if it was dangerous.

Because she did not care about the person in her heart, she did not mind having a strange man by her side.

Thinking of Shen Jian just now, One’s gaze gradually darkened.

“Achoo!” Su Meng seemed to feel cold.
She sneezed and curled up into a ball with a frown.
It seemed that she was really tired and did not wake up.

It was raining outside.
It was indeed very cold.

“Turn on the heater.” One signaled to the driver.

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