“Su Meng, go to h*ll!”

Wei Xue, who was dressed exquisitely, lifted Su Meng’s chin with one finger.
With a triumphant smile on her face, she stabbed Su Meng in the stomach.


A shrill scream came from the broken warehouse.
Su Meng knelt in front of Wei Xue with blood all over her body.
Her pained face was full of disbelief.

She had been kidnapped to this dilapidated warehouse a few days ago and had not seen anyone since.
She did not know who had captured her and what they wanted to do.
Perhaps they wanted to r*pe her? Or perhaps they wanted money?

However, no one had come to look for her in the past few days.
There were only a few bottles of water in the warehouse.
It seemed that they were afraid that she would die of thirst.

There was no light in the warehouse, and her cell phone had been taken away.
Su Meng did not know how many days had passed.
Just drinking water was no longer enough to satisfy her body’s needs.
Her stomach, which was craving for food, had been vomiting acidic water.
If no one came, she would have fainted from hunger.
However, no matter how much she shouted, no one paid attention to her.

Finally, when she was so hungry that she was somewhat delirious, she heard a familiar voice.
It was the voice of her sister-in-law, Wei Xue.

Hope was suddenly ignited in her heart.
She tried hard to stay conscious, but she did not expect that after Wei Xue entered, the first thing she said after walking up to her was to tell her to die.

Why? In the Wei family, she was the person who treated Su Meng the best!

Her voice trembled as she asked this crazy woman in front of her, “W-Why, why, why did you do this? I am your sister-in-law!”

Wei Xue flung the blood on her knife twice in disgust and then said, “Sister-in-law? Did you really think that he loves you just because you received a marriage certificate with Brother Wei Ting? Coveting a position that does not belong to you… This should be your outcome, hahaha.”

Her laughter was filled with excitement and madness, but it made Su Meng even more confused.

“What did I covet?”

“The position of the Wei family’s madam.
You’re a sl*t who can’t compare to me in any aspect.
On what basis did you steal my position? In terms of looks, talent, and background, which part of me isn’t better than you? I grew up together with Brother Wei Ting from a young age.
I know everything about him.
I should be the person who’s most worthy of him.
And you… Where did this wild girl come from? You dare snatch him from me!?”


Wei Xue grabbed Su Meng’s hair and forced her to look up at herself.
The more she spoke, the more agitated she became.
Her tone was filled with malice.

Su Meng muttered, “How could you have such thoughts? You’re Wei Ting’s sister.
Even without me, there would still be someone else who would marry him.
Even if there was no one, how could he be together with his sister?”

The hand that was grabbing Su Meng’s hair increased its strength.
Wei Xue asked fiercely, “Why can’t he be together with me? Even if it was someone else, the outcome would only be the same as you.”

Su Meng was shocked by Wei Xue’s words.
She endured the pain and said, “He’s your older brother, a brother who is related to you by blood.
If you two were together, that would be incest!”

Hearing this, Wei Xue laughed and said, “By blood? Oh, I forgot to tell you.
I’m not Brother Wei Ting’s biological sister.
I was adopted by the Wei family.
There is no blood relationship between us.
I love him, and you know what? He also loves me.
If it weren’t for the nominal brother-sister relationship between the two of us, do you think the Wei family would have a place for you?”


“This is too crazy.
Impossible…” Su Meng couldn’t believe that the man she had loved humbly for so long was actually in love with h

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