Paris, France.

It all started when I was watching the Avengers Endgame in theater a week after it got out. My friends and I went to see it in anticipation, even though I was just a casual fan. We were sitting in ours seats, eating popcorns, watching with intensity the screen. Then I gulped down my popcorn without chewing because I was watching the screen who demonstrated a great moment of self-sacrifice instead of paying attention at how Im eating.

The consequence of that was having a bunch of popcorns stuck in my throat effectively chocking the shit out of me. At first I was hitting my chest trying to get the food down, when that didn work I was hitting my back instead, that didn work neither.

”Urg. Kek. ” I made some noise and slapped at my friends arms who were sitting next to me trying to get their attention.

All it did was making them slap me back without looking at me. ”Stop **ing around Kenan! ” One of my friends said but his eyes not leaving the screen.

The lack of oxygen was making my head heavy and for a second I thought that my head was going to burst. I was slowly losing strength and consciousness. I desperately tried to get their attention by getting up of my seat and put myself in front of them to block their view from the screen even though my legs were getting weak. All I earned from that was a shove to the side and an insult.

I ended up lying on the ground, and at that point I already gave up. My only thought at that moment was if I somehow survive this, I will **ing kill these mother**ers. But I wasn fated to do that because I lost consciousness and soon after, my life.

White Room

After I died, I didn float anywhere, I didn see any soul reaper trying to take my soul and I didn stay as a ghost either. It was like I fell asleep and during it, I didn dream. Because when I regained consciousness again, I was in a white room and in front of me was Morgan Freeman sitting in an equally white seat.

”Morgan Freeman? ” I said in confusion, my brain couldn work properly because I just woke up and I was seeing a bunch of weird shit already.

”Not really but you can call me Morgan if you wish to do so. ” The black man dressed in full white suit said in his iconic voice.

”Am I dead? ” I asked because at that point in time I wasn sure.

”You died. ” He confirmed with a serene smile that magically put me to ease. ”But I brought you back to life. ”

At that

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